StrategyWe analyze every aspect of your marketing mix to determine which social platforms will be most effective in making your brand grow. We specialize in using winning combinations of digital tools and burgeoning new platforms to build campaigns that make measurable results. Using content creation, blogger outreach, digital apps and promotions, digital ad buys, event marketing, heck, even traditional marketing we customize your marketing strategy.
Community ManagementEverywhere manages social platforms for many of our of clients. We consult, create content, execute strategy to build communities and engage with client’s audience answering customer service issues and creating dialogue that fosters brand loyalty and awareness. We identify which platforms are most beneficial for our brands and create an output of consistent on-brand messaging.
Brand MonitoringEverywhere uses the latest software and tools to monitor the conversations around your brand. Our reports will analyze sentiment, volume, competitive landscape, impressions and reach.
TrainingWe offer custom tailored Social Media bootcamps to help fully integrate social into your brand’s marketing mix. Every brand is an individual and we audit your industry and company to make the best recommendations to allow your team to create content, manage time effectively and take your brand from social media novice to a fully fostered community.
Digital App DevelopmentWe create 3rd Party Facebook applications to create dynamic and cutting edge engagement promotion tactics.
Digital Ad Creation and PlacementEverywhere will identify your target markets to get the best results possible from paid advertising through placement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare and other social channels.

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Five kings may have tried to rule Westeros, but in the land of social media, there is only one. Game of Thrones, First of Its Name, premiered its fourth season Sunday, April 6th to some 6.6 million people. To put it in perspective that’s 1.5 million more viewers than its third season premiere and exactly […]

Hello friends and clients of Everywhere – nice to meet you! I am excited to announce my position within the Everywhere family as Director of Digital Marketing. Bringing my experience to Everywhere, I will be focusing on continuing the excellent brand strategy our clients have grown accustomed to receiving and on client procurement. In the […]

April Fools’: It’s the day that the internet loves to hate; but if a brand can create a funny, mesmerizing or ludicrous idea, they may just be able to go viral. Its implications? Brand recognition or loyalty, an increase in e-commerce sales or giving your brand a more human face…or as it turns out this […]

The Dog Gone Dilemma As companies invest more into the lifestyle preferences of employees, one has to wonder does company culture no longer cater to the mainstream but to niche prerogatives? In our techie start-up world where jeans rule the boardroom, working remotely is nothing out of the ordinary we all aspire to the company […]

All of the medals are out and the winners have taken their places on stage during closing ceremonies. Now it’s time to announce the real winner of Sochi 2014: Social Media. These Olympic games generated so much content from users all across the world that they officially became known as “the digital games.” To give […]

Well folks, it would appear that Hell has frozen over. That is, if Hell were Atlanta. This is the largest citywide shutdown due to a snow storm that I’ve ever experienced (and that’s coming from someone who’s from New York and has lived in Colorado). For those stuck in it, it’s hard to believe that […]

With one of those crazy throws straight out of left field, life has provided me with an incredible opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I’ll be leaving my post at Everywhere in the next couple of weeks and couldn’t feel more conflicted about the change. I’ve shared more giggles, meals and stress with these ladies in […]

It’s nearly 2014 and I reckon each of us is having a hard time believing that the days of hoarding canned goods and gallons of water for Y2K are 14 years passed.  A lot has happened in the last 14 years. The world battled and survived SARS, bird and swine flu epidemics. America saw its […]

This holiday season, Everywhere and Macy’s Heart of Haiti have decided to bring parents and children the gift of giving. Heart of Haiti – an initiative that aims to create financial sustainability in Haiti by sourcing artwork from local vendors and selling them through Macy’s – promotes a belief in ‘trade not aid’ but also […]

We’ve all been force fed our vegetables by mom in our younger days. Coincidentally, we’ve also all been in that horribly awkward situation when visiting a friend’s house for dinner only to find they are having a foreign meal that couldn’t be pronounced by your most multilingual of friends. But of course out of respect, […]

By: Lexi Severini I remember the first time I was introduced to a desktop:  It was 1995, I was eight and the Macintosh Classic that sat before me might as well have been Devon Sawa, adorned with a candy necklace and a mysterious smile – because, boy, was I intrigued. Aside from my early onset […]

My name is Lindsay and I’m a creeper. Specifically, a social media creeper. In this day and age, I view social media creepiness as more than a weird compulsion- it’s a survival tactic. I can very efficiently discover if ‘what’s his name’ from the bar has a girlfriend, or if ‘so and so’ actually graduated […]

I first traveled to Haiti with my company Everywhere and a diverse group of writers and bloggers that eventually adopted the name Bloggers4Haiti. During our travels we met with artisans and others involved in the Heart of Haiti cause campaign that we support. Willa Shalit, a socially conscious entrepreneur, is often our leader on the […]

By: Lindsay Price As I woke up, got out of bed and sipped my morning coffee I was riddled with thoughts, questions and concerns surrounding Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.  Wait, how old is she? Why were the pink bears particularly sad? Doesn’t Robin Thicke have a wife? How uncomfortable were those booty shorts? Upon turning […]

By: Lexi Severini We’re all about social, here at Everywhere. We preach to our clients the importance of making a presence for themselves and their companies online. We equip them with the tools and skills necessary to make sure that their desired audience would be hardpressed to ignore them. And then like any good, altruistic […]