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4 Tips for Looking and Sounding Your Best on Zoom

While so many of us know how to command a room in-person, how does that translate into our new virtual-first meeting world? It may feel vain to try to look your best on a Zoom call, but it’s actually a new level of professionalism. Check out some tips for putting your best foot forward in your next virtual meeting.

My Journey to Forty Under 40: From Failure to Fruition

I am a PRSA Georgia Chapter Forty Under 40 honoree. Reading my name listed next to so many amazing, accomplished people in this industry gave me the chance to reflect on why this matters so much to me and the road I took to get here.

5 Ways to Advance Your Career in PR

Everywhere Agency’s veep, Kelly Dye, has been awarded amongst PRSA Georgia’s “Forty Under 40” honorees of 2020. Here she shares insights into how she’s advanced her career and advice on what it takes to propel yourself professionally. Hint: you’ve got to get s**t done.

The Garnish – May 2020

Day 756 of quarantine…does anyone else feel like they’re stuck in Groundhog Day but without the hilarity of Bill Murray? If the days are bound to repeat let’s at least throw some good news into the mix. From Instagram stickers to nonprofit virtual events — here’s our roundup of social goodness in social media this week.

How brands are implementing TikTok during COVID-19

How Brands are Implementing TikTok During the COVID-19 Crisis

What immediately comes to mind when you think of TikTok? Dances, memes, challenges, and music, of course! All the things we love about TikTok have kept us connected as we’ve adjusted to the new norm of social distancing, and smart brands have found innovative ways to use the popular platform to reach consumers.

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COVID-19 + Influencers: How Creators are Responding to the Crisis

It’s been over a month since COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill. People and businesses around the globe are asking themselves: when life does go back to normal, what will “normal” look like? We asked our influencer community how they have been affected by the virus. You may find their response surprising.

The Garnish: April 2020

Social media is the world’s focal point for connection right now. Here are our findings on the social goodness influencer marketing is bringing to the table during these strange and uncertain times.

Overhead view of Influencer Marketing Agency

Benefits of Working with an Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencers are a relatable, real world voice you can use to build your brand’s presence. But it’s important to do it the right way. Enter: influencer marketing agencies. Here are the benefits of having an agency partner for your influencer marketing efforts.

The Garnish: January 2020

New decade, who dis? It’s the start of a glorious new year and we’ve got 2020 vision for #girlboss energy, impulse purchases, and kitesurfing lessons.

7 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2020

From an undeniable rise in the popularity of TikTok to ethics in marketing being more important than ever, here’s our take on influencer trends coming down the line in 2020.

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Our 10 Biggest Lessons: End of a Decade Edition.

2020 marks the start of our second decade as Everywhere Agency. For 10 years, we’ve been proudly amplifying the voices of real people to tell stories about the real brands they love. So, in celebration of our 10th birthday and a new year, we’re sharing our stories.

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The Garnish: September 2019

In this edition of The Garnish, an influencer takes ‘fall’ a little too seriously, Brita ruins #HotGirlSummer, and that phresh pair of Uggs is just one ‘shazam’ away, thanks to Amazon. Here are the social media trends you need to know about for September 2019.

You Can Hide But You Can’t Run: Instagram in an Age of Hidden Likes

In the wake of Instagram’s recent tests of hiding likes on posts, we’re asking ourselves: if a photo is posted to Instagram and no one can see how many people liked it, will people still engage? We’re weighing out the pros and cons on the Everywhere blog.

Graphic of Generation Z colors and themes

The A to Gen Z of Influencer Marketing

By the year 2020, Generation Z will make up 40% of all consumers. But how do you reach this ad-blocking, visually-driven group of social activists? By keeping it real, of course. Enter: influencers. Here’s how to leverage influencers to meet Gen Z where they are.

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The Garnish: June 2019

This just in: Instagram stories now have music lyrics, Millennials are broke, and Ikea is killing it on Pinterest. Check out the Everywhere team’s deep dive into these newsworthy industry updates and more in this month’s edition of the Garnish.

man displaying photo of himself in front of a colorful background

How Changing Visual Trends Impact Influencer Marketing

There’s a shift coming to an Instagram feed near you and it may impact how you curate content and engage with your audiences. Perfection is on the outs and authenticity is so hot right now. Brands and Influencers: this one’s for you.

The Best Influencer Marketing and Blogging Conferences

The best influencer marketing thrives on networking and relationship-building, and industry conferences are where it all starts. This is the ultimate guide to the best influencer and blogger conferences in the U.S. for 2019.

The Garnish: May 2019

From KFC’s “hot” Mother’s Day campaign, to new Instagram Story features, check out what the Everywhere team has to say about this month’s most intriguing industry trends and updates.

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Pet-fluence: Adopting a New View of Influencer Marketing

Let’s put misconceptions aside and get back to what made influencer marketing so impactful in the first place: human connection. Here’s one pet’s journey from forgotten shelter pet, to viral sensation, thanks to the power of word-of-mouth!