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4 Tips for Looking and Sounding Your Best on Zoom

While so many of us know how to command a room in-person, how does that translate into our new virtual-first meeting world? It may feel vain to try to look your best on a Zoom call, but it’s actually a new level of professionalism. Check out some tips for putting your best foot forward in your next virtual meeting.

PIVOT! How technology and strong influencer relationships guarantee brand safety during tight timelines.

While there has been so much unsurety throughout this year, we’ve been able to count on spectacularly strong partnerships. See how we were able leverage our partnerships to launch an influencer campaign in the height of the earliest COVID-19 pandemic hysteria and pull it off in just 72 hours.

How brands are implementing TikTok during COVID-19

How Brands are Implementing TikTok During the COVID-19 Crisis

What immediately comes to mind when you think of TikTok? Dances, memes, challenges, and music, of course! All the things we love about TikTok have kept us connected as we’ve adjusted to the new norm of social distancing, and smart brands have found innovative ways to use the popular platform to reach consumers.

Benefits of Turning Your Nonprofit Event into a Virtual Success

IRL to Virtual: 5 Benefits of Turning Your Nonprofit Event into a Virtual Success

Nonprofits need support now more than ever and so many of these organizations rely on their annual galas as vital fundraisers. In the spirit of “the show must go on,” the YWCA of greater Atlanta partnered with Everywhere to take their annual gala virtual. Here are the benefits we learned along the way.

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COVID-19 + Influencers: How Creators are Responding to the Crisis

It’s been over a month since COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill. People and businesses around the globe are asking themselves: when life does go back to normal, what will “normal” look like? We asked our influencer community how they have been affected by the virus. You may find their response surprising.