Month: November 2016

The Culture of Being Everywhere

A company without a culture is like a donut without its hole, lacking the emblematic character that makes it unique. You could assume that company culture is built by default – a product of those who inhabit the space. That’s true to some extent, but culture should be aspirational too. A company cannot be complacent […]

Society Spotlight: Jewel Figueras

It’s no secret that we love our Everywhere Society members – and as a way to showcase some of our Society superstars, we’re bringing back the Society Spotlight on our blog. This month we are featuring Jewel Figueras of Jewel’s Fab Life. Jewel is a beacon in the blogger community, and you’d be hard pressed […]

Micro-Influencers for Meaningful Results

The newest trend in digital marketing is the use of influencers. Common perception is that an influencer is someone with millions of followers, but contrary to popular belief, an influencer can be someone with only a few hundred readers who are hyper-local and regularly engage with their content. An often-overlooked group and potentially the key […]