Month: March 2017

Everywhere welcomes Arianne Kaldewey to the team!

Hey guys! My name is Arianne Kaldewey (that’s pronounced: Uh-ree-ahn Cal-duh-vy), and I just joined Everywhere Agency as the new account coordinator. I’m excited to be part of such an innovative and fun company! I’ll be bringing my problem-solving skills and creative mindset with me, as well as my experience working on press & public […]

Trend Forecast from SXSW

Does anyone really go to SXSW in this day and age to spot the trends? Nah, gone is the era when a Twitter emerges as the new kid on the blog at this festival. In 2015, some folks tried to make Meerkat the “it girl” of SXSW, and where is Meerkat today? SXSW is mostly […]

5 Tips For Surviving SXSW

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve attended SXSW. It’s a dizzying number primarily because SXSW is a dizzying experience. I do remember my first trip being ultra-concerned with what to wear. It poured down rain, and it turned out, the only thing I needed to worry about was a rain poncho. I used […]