Month: August 2017

Influencer Marketing: It’s the Real Thing

Coca-Cola came out with their iconic “It’s the Real Thing” commercial in 1971. With the country overwhelmed by Vietnam, the Manson Murders, and the Watergate scandal – the ad seemed to announce a world where real people of all ages and races, “live together in perfect harmony.” It was only fitting that the final episode […]

The Perfect Social Media Community Manager

A great community manager is essential in establishing or maintaining your social presence. At Everywhere Agency, we manage many differing and far-reaching accounts for brands, not to mention our own social media channels. Eight years into this business, and I’m still stunned when I hear people say, “Geez, if only we could find an intern […]

Best Ever Blogging Conferences

Any brand marketer who wants to better understand the world of influencers will hugely benefit from going to blogging conferences. It’s one thing to pore over blogs and follow the accounts of top influencers – it’s an entirely different thing to meet the people behind the blog, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account. Me? I’m a […]

Society Spotlight: Danny Berk

Semi-professional surfer by day and powerhouse Snapchatter, also by day, Danny Berk has created a following from doing what he does best – being himself. Among his many accomplishments, Danny can count a Shorty Award nomination alongside the likes of DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner. While he calls San Diego home, the world is essentially […]