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Five Pet Influencers You Should Work With And Why

Five Pet Influencers You Should Work With And Why


5 Pet Influencers

5 Pet Influencers You Should Work With And Why

When we launched Everywhere Society, way back in the olden days, our focus was on bloggers – the human kind. Frankly, at that point, most brands were interested in a few categories, namely fashion, tech, and “mommy” bloggers. My, how times have changed! Today, it seems that pugs are the new black in influencer marketing.

At Everywhere, we have long been fans accepting of furry friends, always welcoming office visits from our staffers’ dogs and sometimes even cats. We’ve also valued their role as storytellers. For example, I started a Facebook page for my cat Snowball four years ago to allow her to vent about a difficult change she was going through – the addition of a hyper-energetic Havanese puppy to our household. So, it was really just a matter of time before we started seeking out fur babies with star pet-tential.

Having a plethora of pooches in our influencer network has paid off. Last year, our client Autotrader approached us with a cool opportunity. Did you know that one in four dog owners have taken their dog on a test drive or would consider doing so? Because of the connection between man’s best friend and the cars we drive them around in, Autotrader asked us to partner with them to celebrate National Dog Day. We helped them host an event called Park and Bark, where we featured 2016’s top “dog friendly cars” and invited some of our favorite Atlanta-area Insta-famous puppy pals.

The campaign was a barking success – we’ve been nominated for a PRSA Phoenix Award – so we joined forces with Autotrader again to promote their “New Dog Smell” air fresheners. Intrigued? You can get yours until Sept. 23, and the best part is that they’re donating to a pet-focused charity for every air freshener claimed.

Today, Everywhere Society boasts a fetching array of pawsitively impressive mutts.  We love them all, but some just these pups make our tails wag, like these:

1. Indy the Golden Doodle

Indy the Golden Doodle was key to the success of our 2016 Dog Day endeavor and participated again this year. Curly fur, floppy ears and a body built for bandanas – it’s hard not to fall for him. He’s a true Southern gent that loves being outdoors as much as he loves hanging his head out a window. A Georgia good boy whose only bone to pick with life is from an aisle in a pet store, this fluffy fella didn’t get nearly 31K followers on Instagram and 23K unique monthly blog visits by accident. Brand partnerships and sponsored opps have helped Indy become one of the most paw-pular influencers in the game.

2. Smooshy Mooshy

Mushu may be a rescue mutt, but she’s got a pedigree attitude. She’s as fluffy as she is stylish and never leaves the dog house without a finished look, whether it’s her newest collar or her favorite sports jersey. Mushu is as much a model citizen as she is an Instagram model. She’s got a following of almost 13K, and she shares her #AdoptDontShop message as well as those to shop her numerous brand partnerships.

3. Little Black Frenchie

Dogue, strike a pose. Little Black Frenchie’s the name, and rocking striped tees is his game. Truthfully, fetch is his game, but style comes in at a close second. He’s across the pond, but this little Union Jack is reason enough for international petworking. Jack the little black Frenchie is solely an Instagram lad, but with 25K followers, he’s the perfect model for brands. We won’t forget to mention that some of those are for humans too.

4. Rambo the Puppy

He might enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but that’s no Riesling to call him a boozehound. Rambo’s a cool pup you can always expect to find looking fresh in a pair of sunnies or at home in his comfiest robe. With a penchant for stylish clothes and carb-filled brunch, anyone would be mutts not to be friends with him!

Rambo loves Instagram like any good dog, but you can find him rocking the influencer game on the original social network. Over 310K Facebook fans later, he’s using his influence for sponsorship opportunities and to sell his own branded merchandise to fans.

5. Bruce Wayne the Chihuahua

Every day’s a puppy party with Bruce Wayne! He may be small, but he makes a big impact when he walks into any dog park. Never an outfit repeater, every look is equally worthy of a round of ap-paws. He can be won over with giant pretzels and squeaky toys. Bruce knew his pet-tential and has built an Instagram audience of over 58K all on his own.

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