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Barking up the Right Tree: How Pet Influencers are Transforming Social Media

Barking up the Right Tree: How Pet Influencers are Transforming Social Media

Here at Everywhere Agency, we know one of the shortest routes to relatable content is to “put a dog on it!” We’re full-fledged fur-buddy enthusiasts, bringing our dogs to work regularly, ugly crying over pet rescue videos, and supporting local animal adoption groups. Being both social media experts and animal lovers we’ve been following the trend of pet influencers for quite some time — since way back in 2014 when The Telegraph reported that 1 in 4 cats and dogs had their own social media accounts and now, as 50% of pet owners who post about their pets on social media are reporting that the pets get more attention than them.

And if you’re wondering whether our influencer network, Everywhere Society, has become a delightfully diverse menagerie amidst the rise of pet influencers, you’d be correct! Indy the Goldendoodle was the first pet influencer to join our in-house influencer network back in 2016, and now he’s in adorable company alongside the likes of Punk Rock Milo, Vanilla Bean the Queen, and Stella the Frenchie.

Diving into A-list dog talent.

Everywhere was engaged by Autotrader to help produce #ParkandBark, an event celebrating National Dog Day. Autotrader used the event to educate dog owners about the best pet-friendly cars and accessories. Hundreds of dog guests enjoyed free treats, received swag prizes, and played in the costume photo booth. Pet experts schooled the crowd in dog CPR, the art of doggy massage (Shi-A-Tzu… Get it?), and puppies in need were available for adoption.

So why are brands so eager to add some canine appeal?

It could have something to do with the fact that this year pet owners are projected to spend $75 billion dollars on their furry friends, according to the American Pet Products Association. Not to mention the added bonus that brand reputations are rarely ruined by the actions of a Yorkshire Terrier. Dogs breed happiness, with pups like ChloeKardoggian slinging products for Clorox and Boo the Pomeranian working as a liaison for Virgin Airlines, it’s hard to think of a brand that couldn’t benefit from the straight-to-the-heart content of spokespups.

For millennials, pets are the new kids.

Pets are becoming their family — starter kids, if you will! Pet-related content effortlessly reflects the joy they experience from having a pet: it’s wholesome, judgement-free, and a safe haven in a social landscape of pressure, negativity, and responsibility. Jacqueline, momager to Vanilla Bean the Queen says, “In many ways, being a pet influencer has the same sway as a human friend on Facebook sharing a product they like. Pets are loved, they are a wonderful reprieve from negativity in the news, and they are trusted – which I believe is the foundation of being a successful influencer in the first place.”

Our next furry adventure with pet influencers…

It’s in this spirit of furry happiness and love that we’re welcoming our newest pet-centric client, Pet Supplies Plus, this month! To support their commitment to pet adoption and companionship, we’ll be activating a crew of ultra adorable pet influencers — from black cats to standing cats to quack quack…cats! — in sharing their go-to list of supplies every new pet parent needs to start a lifelong friendship off on the right paw. Because that’s what it all comes down to.

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  • We had such a great time at this event and my dogs absolutely adored all of the goodies they snagged! Those treats from Taj Mahound were paws down their favorite.


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