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The Garnish – May 2020

Day 756 of quarantine…does anyone else feel like they’re stuck in Groundhog Day but without the hilarity of Bill Murray? If the days are bound to repeat let’s at least throw some good news into the mix. From Instagram stickers to nonprofit virtual events — here’s our roundup of social goodness in social media this week.

The Garnish: January 2020

New decade, who dis? It’s the start of a glorious new year and we’ve got 2020 vision for #girlboss energy, impulse purchases, and kitesurfing lessons. True story. Here’s what’s floating our boat right now in the industry of influence: How kitesurfing led to a $3.2 billion startup for a young female entrepreneur. “Even though I […]

Our 10 Biggest Lessons: End of a Decade Edition.

Everywhere Team Holding Balloons

2020 marks the start of our second decade as Everywhere Agency. For 10 years, we’ve been proudly amplifying the voices of real people to tell stories about the real brands they love. So, in celebration of our 10th birthday and a new year, we’re sharing our stories.