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Society Spotlight: Danny Berk

Semi-professional surfer by day and powerhouse Snapchatter, also by day, Danny Berk has created a following from doing what he does best – being himself. Among his many accomplishments, Danny can count a Shorty Award nomination alongside the likes of DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner. While he calls San Diego home, the world is essentially […]

The Guide to Getting a Handle on Tagging like Anthony Scaramucci

I’ve been doing social media trainings for brands, C-suite types and celebrities since I opened the doors of Everywhere Agency back in 2009. The rules of Twitter always confuse the novices. I go through an elaborate spiel in explaining what “tagging” on Twitter is. It goes like this: “Okay so there’s this thing on Twitter […]

Choosing Influencers for Client Campaigns

I feel the need to demystify something about the process of choosing influencers for client campaigns.  It may surprise you, but at Everywhere, we do not crowd around a conference table, look at the slate of applicants and pick our personal favorites.  We all had our fair share of suffering on behalf of the “populars” […]

The Culture of Being Everywhere

A company without a culture is like a donut without its hole, lacking the emblematic character that makes it unique. You could assume that company culture is built by default – a product of those who inhabit the space. That’s true to some extent, but culture should be aspirational too. A company cannot be complacent […]

Building a Beautiful Blog

Blogging – it’s a beautiful thing. Think about it: a person’s blog is the cultivation of their creativity and the window into their life. A blog isn’t just a web address in a search bar, and it’s certainly not words or visuals created without a purpose. Blogs are the beautifully crafted, rose-colored glasses that give […]

Three Ways to Use Snapchat Influencers

While it’s true that Instagram stories have entered the scene and tried to steal the show, Snapchat’s place as the holy grail of visual storytelling still stands. The app and its sneaky little ghost are as popular as ever. What’s more, it’s a fabulous platform to pair with influencers, especially when you have a message […]

FTC Guidelines for Influencer Marketing

There is a fair amount of panic these days about FTC guidelines, mostly driven by a handful of celebrities (like the Kardashians) who neglected to disclose the fact that they received financial compensation in exchange for social shares.   The FTC has even cracked down on major brands like Lord & Taylor for flagrantly defying […]