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Inside the Millennial Mind: Influencers Tell All

  Everywhere Agency’s work is truly about creating conversation and connections – between brands and consumers. With our Under the Influence events, we bring together influencers, agency representatives, and brand marketers to have IRL discussions about the challenges of influencer marketing and the trends that will change the landscape of the industry as it matures. […]

How to Create Award-Winning Campaigns (As Told By Winners)

  At Everywhere Agency, we’re in it to win it. We don’t just build influencer marketing campaigns. We build award-winning campaigns – and not simply for the glory. Ultimately, it’s all about bringing our clients’ vision of success to life. How do we do this, you ask? The journey toward an award-winning campaign starts by […]

Best Ever Blogging Conferences

Any brand marketer who wants to better understand the world of influencers will hugely benefit from going to blogging conferences. It’s one thing to pore over blogs and follow the accounts of top influencers – it’s an entirely different thing to meet the people behind the blog, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account. Me? I’m a […]

Choosing Influencers for Client Campaigns

I feel the need to demystify something about the process of choosing influencers for client campaigns.  It may surprise you, but at Everywhere, we do not crowd around a conference table, look at the slate of applicants and pick our personal favorites.  We all had our fair share of suffering on behalf of the “populars” […]

Micro-Influencers for Meaningful Results

The newest trend in digital marketing is the use of influencers. Common perception is that an influencer is someone with millions of followers, but contrary to popular belief, an influencer can be someone with only a few hundred readers who are hyper-local and regularly engage with their content. An often-overlooked group and potentially the key […]

FTC Guidelines for Influencer Marketing

There is a fair amount of panic these days about FTC guidelines, mostly driven by a handful of celebrities (like the Kardashians) who neglected to disclose the fact that they received financial compensation in exchange for social shares.   The FTC has even cracked down on major brands like Lord & Taylor for flagrantly defying […]