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The Guide to Getting a Handle on Tagging like Anthony Scaramucci

I’ve been doing social media trainings for brands, C-suite types and celebrities since I opened the doors of Everywhere Agency back in 2009. The rules of Twitter always confuse the novices. I go through an elaborate spiel in explaining what “tagging” on Twitter is. It goes like this: “Okay so there’s this thing on Twitter […]

FTC Guidelines for Influencer Marketing

There is a fair amount of panic these days about FTC guidelines, mostly driven by a handful of celebrities (like the Kardashians) who neglected to disclose the fact that they received financial compensation in exchange for social shares.   The FTC has even cracked down on major brands like Lord & Taylor for flagrantly defying […]

Everywhere Agency Welcomes Stephanie Proft

Hi, I’m Stephanie Proft and could not be more excited to join the fabulous Everywhere Agency team as an account manager! With a background and college degree in journalism, I’m coming to Everywhere Agency fresh off a stint as copywriter and content strategist for a branding and marketing firm. While there, I contributed to a […]

Meerkat and Periscope: What’s the Hype?

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock this past month has heard about Meerkat and Periscope, a competitor created by Twitter. As the “breakout app” of SXSW being used by Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on a selfie stick walking around Austin and Julia Louis Dreyfus during her VEEP panel, Meerkat was hard to ignore. Now […]