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Five Fashionable Reasons to Give Influencer Marketing Campaigns a Try

We predict that 2016 is going to be “the year” for influencer marketing campaigns. After all, nearly one in four marketers rate influencer marketing as the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method, and nearly 60 percent of marketers are planning on increasing their spend in this area (AdWeek, 2015). It seems that everywhere you look online, there’s another […]

Twitter Chats in 6 Easy Steps

Hosting Twitter Chats is an incredibly successful way to engage a large audience and present your brand as a thought leader in the industry. Twitter chats are best used as conversations around a certain idea or topic with a unique hashtag. Coupled with an influencer marketing campaign, chats can seriously deliver on the ROI factor. […]

Influencer Marketing Campaigns – A Quasi “How To” Manual

At our agency, we’ve been in the blogger relations business since we opened our doors six years ago. We live, breathe and drink influencer marketing, but I’m still uneasy with the notion of building a manual for “how to reach out to bloggers.” Not because I think we have some secret formula when it comes […]

Beauty & Brains in the Workplace

  I recently attended an event hosted by the media entity, Little Pink Book, focused on empowering women in the workplace. It was filled with accomplished women who had both beauty, and brains. Everywhere was a sponsor of the event and tasked with activating social media. We created “Little Pink Book” branded socially shareable signs […]