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The Guide to Getting a Handle on Tagging like Anthony Scaramucci

I’ve been doing social media trainings for brands, C-suite types and celebrities since I opened the doors of Everywhere Agency back in 2009. The rules of Twitter always confuse the novices. I go through an elaborate spiel in explaining what “tagging” on Twitter is. It goes like this: “Okay so there’s this thing on Twitter […]

Five Snapchatters Brands Should Work With and Why

Think that Snapchatters are just vapid youth with nothing better to do with their time than upload crazy videos and images that disappear? Think again. These five Snapchat influencers prove that snapping is a career of substance. Four out of five of them have quit their day jobs and are creating quality programming for their audiences […]

How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy

One of the most common questions we get after mentioning that we work in social media marketing is, “So, you get to be on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter all day?” There’s a huge misconception that our jobs aren’t valid or strategic. To that notion I say: bah humbug. Social media strategy is critical to succeed as a brand […]