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DiSC: Learning Our Workplace Love Language

DiSC: Learning Our Workplace Love Language

Have you ever asked yourself why you work better with some people over others? How do you communicate with your peers? Are you process-driven or results-oriented? What about your learning style – are you a visual learner or more hands-on?

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Everywhere Agency is our culture, and that’s why the DiSC personality assessment has become an important part of not only our employee onboarding process, but our day-to-day teamwork. Communication is key, and DISC is our love language. It gives us a better understanding of each team member and how they approach interpersonal relationships, work productivity, and their strengths and challenges. And, not only is it beneficial during recruitment, it also gives insight into how people evolve and progress in areas over time.

Something that sets the DiSC assessment apart from other personality tests is that it’s not just about the individual — it’s about behavioral differences and how that insight can be leveraged to strengthen relationships. As an influencer marketing agency, relationship-building is at the heart of what we do, from teams to clients to the influencers we work with.

Disc is an is an acronym for the four behavioral styles of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Here’s how they guide Everywhere Agency life.

DiSC in the workplace


Characteristics of D style: Risk-taker, Problem-Solver, Results-driven, Demanding

When you think about the leaders in your industry, what attributes do they have? In many cases, they are direct and hyper focused on the results of goals and objectives. These attributes are synonymous with style D. It may come as no surprise that one of our resident Ds is none other than Everywhere Agency’s Veep, Kelly Dye. Not only does she manage the agency team, she also oversees all things strategic and big-picture, using her bold, action-driven approach to guide productivity and see plans through to completion.

Team members that fall into this style:


Characteristics of I style: Persuasive, Spirited, Trusting, Talkative

Have you ever worked with someone who was completely infectious in their enthusiasm and a magnet for conversation? Perhaps, during meetings, they loved talking about their weekend plans as much as they do the logistics for a particular project? Chances are they’re an an I! Those that fall into this style are naturally creative problem solvers and great communicators. They tend to motivate the rest of the team with their enthusiasm, but when it comes to details, they may need a helping hand from a resident C or ‘conscientious’ type. Some of our resident chatterboxes, positarians, and enthusiasm queens are Lynzee and Danica. Creativity abounds with these two and they get things done – we just have to reign in their enthusiasm every so often.  

Team members that fall into this style:


Characteristics of S style: Team player, Consistent, Dependable, Patient

The patient S styles provide all-important stability and support to the team. At Everywhere, the women that fall into this style are great collaborators and listeners who excel at accommodating everyone’s opinion and, in the end, finding a collaborative solution. The S’s keep our team humble. Probably comes as no surprise that Natalie, our Digital Strategist is an S. She is always finding ways to streamline our processes and, when it comes to decision-making, she ensures everyone’s voice is heard so we can find solutions that benefit the entire team.

Team members that fall into this style:


Characteristics of C style: Analytical, Accurate, Systematic, Perceptive

At Everywhere, our Cs bring perspective to the team. They are extremely detail-oriented and will go leaps and bounds to ensure accuracy. This explains why our number-crunching accountant, Ellen Guziel, falls into this style. In fact, if your accountant does not fall squarely in the C category, you may want to consider a new accountant! Cs aim for consistency and, as a result of paying close attention to detail, they are often the first to spot mistakes.

Team members that fall into this style:

As more and more companies realize the value and place of EQ in the work environment, tools like DiSC are growing in popularity and, as relationship aficionados, we like it! When organizations and companies take the time to understand how each individual on their team is unique, they allow for trust to build, collaboration to become stronger, and overall communication to be more effective. It establishes unity and increases productivity to move the company forward and accomplish those long-term strategic goals.

As an agency, we know it’s important to understand the diverse range of personalities and skill sets within our team. DiSC has given us deeper insight into what each person brings to the table, and how we can best make use of it in order to deliver successful campaigns and build strong, lasting client relationships.

With all of this in mind, remember that no DiSC profile is better than another. All of the styles have their strengths and weaknesses — the goal is to find the ways they fit together. 

While there is free DiSC profiling available online, our Chief People Officer Karan Rhodes is a certified DiSC consultant. She comes in and does DiSC profiling and knowledge sessions with us several times a year. And if you hadn’t guessed it by her title, “People Officer”, Karan is indeed another friendly, gabby I!  

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