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Everywhere Agency Welcomes Stephanie Proft

Everywhere Agency Welcomes Stephanie Proft

Hi, I’m Stephanie Proft and could not be more excited to join the fabulous Everywhere Agency team as an account manager!

With a background and college degree in journalism, I’m coming to Everywhere Agency fresh off a stint as copywriter and content strategist for a branding and marketing firm. While there, I contributed to a huge variety of projects and campaigns for clients representing everything from consumer goods and services, to industrial powerhouses.

I’m excited to fully exploring the power of social media to help consumers and brands interact in more authentic, meaningful ways.

Without further ado, here are 10 fun and perhaps unexpected facts about me:

  1. Despite requiring SPF 70 when in direct sunlight, my favorite natural environment is the beach.
  2. I’m a television junky and (in no particular order) count “Friday Night Lights,” “The Sopranos,” “Arrested Development” and “Seinfeld” among my all-time favorites.
  3. I’m a part-time vegetarian and love to cook new meatless dishes.
  4. I follow a shameful amount of puppy-related Instagram accounts.
  5. I was born in Germany and attended a German elementary school until fourth grade.
  6. Some of my friends treat me as a human thesaurus and/or Urban Dictionary.
  7. I have a very rational fear of robots.
  8. I’ve lived in Atlanta for seven years, which is the longest duration I’ve ever spent in one city.
  9. I am a huge hip-hop fan and am very passionate about “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre being played at my funeral.
  10. Admittedly, I am a very bad driver.

I’m looking forward to growing with Everywhere and am ecstatic to see what lies ahead! Feel free to say hello to me on Twitter @sprofty.

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