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Everywhere Welcomes Hannah Pearman to the Team!

Everywhere Welcomes Hannah Pearman to the Team!

How does the saying go? Once a strategist, always a strategist. Ok, I made that up but I’m rolling with it, because it’s an important conclusion I arrived at recently and it’s true. AF.

I’m Hannah, and I’ve just landed at Everywhere Agency following a multi-year jaunt through the non-profit and marketing worlds, figuring out what I like best and where I fit. It was strategy at the beginning and it’s strategy now, and I’m delighted and humbled to make my home here at Everywhere as the team’s newest Content Strategist!

Without further ado, please enjoy this exclusive peek into my branium:

  1. Atlanta is bae, but New Zealand is my mama. I grew up in the country’s South Island, neighbor to the Antarctic and happily sandwiched between the Southern Alps and the South Pacific. Atlanta has been my second home for 11 years now — just long enough to know I can never live without extra toasty Cheez-Its and for my R sounds to get all curly and American. (British-esque vowel sounds proudly still intact.)


  2. I can’t remember the last time I was bored.


  3. The start of my marketing career was atypical — more of an elegant tumble down a set of stairs and a ninja slide in the front door. My first years stateside were spent working in animal shelters and, through that work, I discovered the truly life-saving power of authentic, quality marketing. All but two years of my professional life have been in non-profit initiatives, and I’m excited to bring that wealth of heart and learning to some of America’s favorite brands.


  4. I’m an INFJ and a Scorpio, which, allegedly, means I feel and consider literally everything and am very mysterious and cool while I do it. No comment.


  5. When I’m not spinning strategy and fantasizing about proposal layouts (drool…) I paint! My work uses cosmic, colorful fluid abstraction to capture a window into the worlds we exist just parallel to: the night sky above and the ocean below. I’m endlessly inspired and fascinated by both.


  6. #5 means #6 is probably not surprising: I’m an art junkie. I love the early abstract expressionists. I ugly cried when I first saw Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ at MOMA, and Rothko’s ‘Number 14, 1960’ is my most favorite painting. The smell of art galleries makes my insides tingle.


  7. I am 108% addicted to sugar. Frankly, I should be jailed for the amount that goes into my coffee and candy is absolutely dinner if you’re brave enough. Not sorry.


  8. As the daughter of two nurses, I got a double dose of the empathy gene. It’s why I cry in movie theaters a lot, but it’s also why I think the best ideas are both simple and complex — and always human. I believe in, and defend, purpose-driven marketing that prizes authenticity and honors the human experience.


  9. My 3 favorite words* are lozenge, rubbery, and effervescent. *Subject to change without notice.


  10. And lastly, but arguably most importantly: my dog’s name is Marzipan and she is shaped like a jellybean. We’re in love.
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