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Will Everywhere Agency Go Five For Five At The AMY Awards? Fingers Crossed!

Will Everywhere Agency Go Five For Five At The AMY Awards? Fingers Crossed!

Some people play for prizes, others play for the thrill of the chase. At our agency, it’s definitely the latter. We honestly find our purest joy in creating a match made in heaven between our influencers and the brands they love. We’re a work hard, be humble kind of place. That said, who doesn’t love a shiny trophy from time to time? Squeee! We do!

And it turns out we might get our hands on a few more of those because we’re finalists for five – or should we say FIVE – AMY Awards. You know, that coveted recognition offered to the best-of-the-best marketing campaigns by the Atlanta branch of the American Marketing Association? Because we’re feeling mighty proud, we thought we’d offer up a quick recap of these prize-worthy projects:

1. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

While this is undoubtedly the grand-daddy of all parades, the problem is that today’s Thanksgiving morning routine more likely involves an iPhone than an old-timey TV screen. Our goal, very simply, was to use social media – more specifically, influencers – to drive tune-in of the parade. We sourced 80 high-tier, macro-influencers (you know, the type with an audience of about 80K or more) and got them to use their social channels to share their excitement, enthusiasm, and nostalgia for tuning into the parade promptly at 9 a.m. and keeping it on until the last balloon passes by 34th Street. You might be amazed by how many die-hard Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade fans are out there, people! We don’t clown around when it comes to parades, and our efforts not only resulted in 164 million impressions, but they also contributed to making the parade the highest-rated non-sports program of the year – second only to the Academy Awards!

2. Up TV’s #GilmoreTheMerrier:

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, grab your Luke’s coffee mug and read on. If not, skip to the next entry because the insider lingo will drive you crazy. So, take a TV show with a cult following, program a 6 and 1/2 day binge-a-thon, then call Everywhere Agency to drive tune-ins. I say, if you are going to throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle. For the second year in a row, Everywhere Agency partnered with UP TV to create this shared, nonstop viewing experience, and we stayed up with them 24/7 on Twitter. We also sourced 33 leading influencers who happen to be fans of the show to gab, gossip, and gush online right along with us and the viewers. How’d we do? Well, we helped UP TV gain their highest viewership for the year with 5.6 million tune-ins. The #GilmoreTheMerrier hashtag trended nationally, which is about as merry as it gets in our books, but we also generated nearly 440 million impressions. To paraphrase Luke, “Yeah, we’re fine, we’re great. It’s a big, fat happy sunshine day for us.”

3. Carter’s Original Bodysuit Day:

Carter’s Original Bodysuit is like the little black dress for the baby/toddler crowd. We joined forces with the beloved children’s clothing brand to celebrate this wardrobe staple through a socially-driven sweepstakes for National Bodysuit Day. Cute kids and Instagram go together like babies and a bottle, but we had to encourage fans to enter, so we enlisted 15 influencers to help us spread the word. And if that was not enough, we held a Twitter chat to talk about the cuteness of babes in bodysuits. Our number one goal? Keep Carter’s top of mind as the place to shop for that mainstay of baby clothing among moms. Did we succeed? By most accounts a 50 percent increase in sales compared to last year is pretty good. Carter’s also broke its own record with its highest-performing Instagram Story of all time.

4. Kelley Blue Book’s 2018 Best Buy Awards:

What do you do when you don’t have a tangible product to share and you need to reach a diverse, multi-cultural audience? Find a wacky, wonderful, and comedic YouTube star like LaGuardia Cross who keeps a hilarious banter going with his connivingly cute toddler daughters. Kelley Blue Book wanted to drive attention to their Best Buy Awards – and LaGuardia’s authentic point of view became the vehicle to tell the story of the awards and drive visits back to the site. Don’t believe us? Watch the video. Last we checked, it had 144K views!

5. Autotrader’s Auto Design Meets Fashion:

This win for project management goes to our very own Olivia Pope, resident “it’s handled” superstar, Autumn Gilliam. Blending cars and Fashion Week? No problem. Limited budget? She’s got your back. Quick turnaround? Bring it on. Drawing on her experience working in the New York fashion industry, Autumn took on a two-part, fashion-meets-auto-design campaign that included both video production and influencer content generation with a nearly impossible timeline. For some, Autumn is a season with turning colors and colder temperatures. At Everywhere, Autumn is tireless, cheerful, creative, and persistent account manager extraordinaire. She had to source just the right influencer for this campaign who could talk cars, fashion, and deliver quality video and images. Think cars and fashion don’t go hand in hand? Watch the video here!

So, yes, we do it for love, but we’re certainly aiming for a trophy!

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