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How Influencer Marketing Kickstarts Female Entrepreneurialism

How Influencer Marketing Kickstarts Female Entrepreneurialism

Shirley Chisholm got it right when she declared “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” It’s simple yet earthshaking advice that’s punctuated the empowerment of an entire generation of women across all walks of life. And it sets the stage for another improvement: a bigger table.

The industry of influencer marketing has proven to be a steadfast pathway to female empowerment, giving women the power platform they need to be successful entrepreneurs. We want to encourage as many women as we can to be the badass bosses they know they can be — and give them space to pull up a chair at the table.

Because of influencer marketing, women can become self-made. Be their own bosses. Grow their businesses. It’s a powerful industry that many women are taking advantage of. In fact, 68% of social influencers are female. And, it’s not going away anytime soon. Hubspot states that the market size for influencer marketing will exceed $8 billion in 2020 based on the current value of sponsored posts.

Influencer marketing also provides a solution to one of the biggest issues surrounding women in the workforce today  — the pay gap between males and females. In some segments of the population, women are earning about half of what men earn for the same job. But, when it’s all women sitting at a table, the playing field is leveled. Influencer marketing provides women the opportunity to earn what they feel they are worth without the unfair disadvantage of simply being female.

It’s an industry that’s flexible to women that want to make their wildest dreams a reality. From moms who want to spend more time at home turning their hobbies into careers, to female travelers with a serious case of wanderlust who want to document every second of it.

Just ask Leticia Barr, aka Tech Savvy Mama, an Everywhere Society influencer who has found wild success in the technology space. She’s been named Parents Magazine’s Editors’ Pick for Best Tech Blog, one of the 50 Top Twitter Moms by Babble, and currently has over 24K followers on Twitter.

She built and maintains a website dedicated to helping parents navigate parenting in the digital age; providing support, conversation, and education on topics that are just now becoming a more mainstream part of parenting. Leticia also uses her platform to give back. From her work with Haiti Projects, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women in rural Haiti, to fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, she credits influencer marketing with helping her achieve her philanthropic goals.

Influencer Marketing Empowerment Quote from Leticia Barr

Another female entrepreneur who’s found her calling thanks to the rise of influencer marketing is Diane Bogart. She took her love for everything home decor and DIY and formed the very popular (over 64K followers) Instagram account, @ArtizenHome. Her account features chunky blankets, knitting tutorials, home decor tips, and pictures of homes she loves from fellow influencers. When you scroll through her feed, you immediately feel like you’re stepping inside her home and having a cup of coffee with her and her family. Her aesthetic is representative of the way she lives her life and interacts with others — helping people find positivity, inspiration, and beauty in their everyday surroundings.

This International Women’s Day, we’re not only celebrating the positive impact that influencer marketing has had on the lives of so many women, we’re also celebrating our core belief that there should be a seat at every table for every woman, if they want it. That no voice is too small to be counted, and no paycheck, opportunity, or experience should be out of reach because of gender.

We’re so proud to work in an industry that’s empowered so many women to grow, evolve, and become the badass entrepreneurs they’ve always wanted to be. Their courage and creativity astounds us daily.

Here’s to you, ladies!

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