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How To Use Snapchat: Snapchat 101

How To Use Snapchat: Snapchat 101

Snapchat has had a quick rise to prominence in the social media world. As of 2015, it has 100 million daily active users, with 18% of all US social media users using the platform (DMR 2015). And of course, if you’re looking to target millennials or Gen Z – the latest and youngest generation to catch the attention of marketers – this is where they’re flocking.

At Everywhere Agency, we know millennials are coming into their own and increasingly gaining purchasing power. Brand representatives now want to know more about the platforms where they spend most of their time. That’s where we come in – one of our offerings is training companies and C-suite executives about the newest forms of media. In our latest round of trainings, we tackled the art of Snapchat!

Here’s “Snapchat 101,” or a basic step-by-step guide of how to use Snapchat in less than 15 minutes.

Have any questions about how to use Snapchat? How about influencer marketing and Snapchat? Interested in social media trainings? Send me an email at!

Everywhere Agency has worked with Cox Communications, the High Museum of Atlanta, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and more on social media trainings and influencer marketing. To see more about our current and previous clients, visit our case studies and clients page. To request a meeting or talk about our latest capabilities deck, please contact us.

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