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Meet Everywhere’s Newest Account Manager: Caty Leslie

Meet Everywhere’s Newest Account Manager: Caty Leslie

“It’s actually pronounced ‘Caty’” — “Yeah, I’m going to call you CATy”

Yes, the above quote is from Mean Girls circa 2004, but it’s also the title of my personal memoir (and this blog post).

Hi there! I’m Caty, Everywhere’s newest account manager and addition to the team. As an Atlanta native and former southern transplant in New York City, you could say I thrive in fast-paced living, being surrounded by the coolest and latest styles, and geeking out over all social media trends — did I just describe every marketing professional?

I’ve been a part of the agency world in account management for over four years now, partnering with brands like Coca-Cola and Lamborghini, and am jazzed to have now found my home in the Everywhere family. Keep reading along for a little more about me!

Mountain View of Laguna Hedionda in Bolivia
Exploring Laguna Hedionda in Bolivia

The Instagram Account I Can’t Live Without Following

Honestly, every fashion blogger account that I follow — it’s where you’ll see me spend my time (and money) thanks to the “swipe up to shop now” feature!

My Favorite Advertising Campaign of All Time

So many talented minds have produced such fabulous and impactful advertising campaigns that I really can’t choose only one! However, many of my favorites have a very similar theme: campaigns so innovatively crafted that, when seen solo, the viewer immediately recognizes the brand behind the creative.

An obvious example of this is Nike’s 1988 “Just Do It” campaign that has reinvented itself over the years, but remained just as, if not more, relevant than it was in the 80’s. And, while I have the floor, let’s specifically highlight the newest “Just Do It” promotion titled “Dream Crazier,” giving all of the fierce women around the world the spotlight. #GirlPower at its best!

Caty Leslie With Her Goldendoodle at Park
Weekly park hangs with my pup, Oliver
Caty Leslie at White Sands in New Mexico
Adventuring through the White Sands in New Mexico

What Most Excites Me About Working in Influencer Marketing

I started my career in experiential marketing, working with some of the world’s largest brands to create consumer events around the country. My previous day-to-day was more about location scouting than influencer hunting, but I’m more than excited to be working in such a booming and instrumental space.

Why I Think Influencer Marketing Is So Powerful

Word of mouth is such an effective method of marketing, making influencers the most relevant form of this. These relatable content creators have forged careers from speaking to and showcasing areas of life that they love to give you advice, which is really cool in and of itself. This becomes more powerful when brands give them the creative space to make this an even bigger discussion and partnership.

My Favorite Thing About Account Managing at Everywhere

The relationships you create and grow throughout projects and over time with your clients are the backbone of account management. But mostly, I love the collaboration between agency and brand-side. It’s a true opportunity to create something innovative that the client may have never had the courage to do without the push from a bunch of bold millennials!

Culture is my top priority when job-hunting, and Everywhere has it plus more. Being the experts in influencer marketing gives my agency confidence in knowing where they strive and where to continue building their strategy, all while empowering the gals of this office and beyond – a win-win in my book!

Outside of My 9-5

Atlanta is home, so other than the familiarity, the FOOD, and the unique communities each neighborhood has to offer, you can likely find me walking the Beltline with my pup, and looking for the next best restaurant (and glass of wine).

If you like travel photos and puppy spam, feel free to follow my adventures on thegram!

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