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Society Spotlight: Mitch Chaitin

Society Spotlight: Mitch Chaitin

Mitch Chaitin initially started blogging at Gay NYC Dad to share the adoption journey of his son – whose birth he witnessed in the delivery room. He then continued to chronicle his life as a gay man in a same-sex marriage and raising a child in NYC to show America that families are more similar than different. He writes about their adventures, struggles, and travels. He also dabbles in reviews and giveaways because they’re fun – and bring great opportunities to his family.

Mitch Gay NYC Dad

Everywhere Society Spotlight Questionnaire

  1. Your current jam is: “JuJu on That Beat.” Now that my son feels cool as a senior in middle school, he will dance with me. He even let me win the Halloween dance-off at his school where they require me to be security. Or so he thinks!
  2. Tell us about your most epic childhood birthday party. I had a bowling party when I was 10 years old, and we lived in the Bronx. Forty-seven years later, I still have the bowling pin the alley gave me, and it’s next to the bowling pin my son received at his 10th birthday party! I am sentimental that way.
  3. Who’s your spirit animal? I’ve never felt one, but my favorite animal is the elephant. I love oversized things!
  4. If you had to describe your personality with a cocktail what would it be? Why? Diet Pepsi, no ice. I have been sober for over 20 years, so caffeine with no calories is what I am all about. Something that gives a quick get-me-up, without the wasted space that the ice takes up.
  5. The one product you absolutely cannot live without is: English chocolate.
  6. Shout-out to your bloggy BFF! Linda from NYCSingleMom. Our kids went to elementary school together, and she taught me how to blog. It is hugely helpful to have someone to bounce everything off of in this world. Plus, after six years, she still laughs at my jokes. That’s reason enough to keep her around!
  7. Confession time: Who was your first celeb crush? David Cassidy from the Partridge Family. I loved his singing, and I tried to copy his haircut. I wasn’t successful in either situation, but I was an oblivious kid and didn’t even know it wasn’t working.
  8. What was your first concert? How was it? Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was scary driving into Manhattan from suburbia and being in a huge crowd, but I loved their music, and that made everything better.
  9. Who’s your ultimate blogspiration? My son. I started the blog to get his adoption story on paper, and then it grew from there. He is my pride and joy (also now a teenager and all that comes with that!), so writing about him and our life together is what keeps me going!
  10. So, you’ve got writer’s block. Tried and true trick for getting over it? I often times will block out a post – write a skeleton entry without anything creative. Pictures, links, descriptions. Once I have half of the story on paper, I feel that I have accomplished something, and the story usually flows soon after. It is the fear of the blank page that holds me back, so I try not to leave the page blank.
  11. Top 3 pet peeves in life: Only three? People at the gym talking loudly on their cellphones in areas where they are not allowed, people looking at their phone about to walk into you on the street, and my husband’s loud chewing at meals.
  12. We love working with you and hope you feel the same about us. What’s been your fave Everywhere campaign to be a part of? Because I feel militant in how important it is to protect the kids, this Domain.ME-sponsored post about online safety.

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  • It was nice learning more about you Mitch! I have teen daughter’s so I dance with them as well ( hit the Quan anyone?). They laugh and I’m okay with that because we are living in the moment- which is one of the many things I love about your blog posts. I can tell you are fully in the moment where-ever you are.


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