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Motherhood and Marketing: How Brands Should Celebrate Mother’s Day

Motherhood and Marketing: How Brands Should Celebrate Mother’s Day

How do you celebrate moms in ways that are unique, heartfelt, and (most importantly) still drive sales? This is a signature question brands are faced with each May as they prepare for the marketing blitz around Mother’s Day. More beneficial to brands than providing a generic message of thanks and pushing the purchase of predictable gifts are the genuine connections made between brand and consumer when they share genuine appreciation and speak to moms’ needs and interests.

So, how are clever marketers reaching mothers with authentic messages while highlighting gift ideas they’ll truly appreciate? Other moms!

Brands are partnering with influencer moms to share real stories of motherhood in order to create connections with this audience. Largely built by what used to be referred to as “mommy bloggers,” the influencer landscape remains heavily female. In fact, in 2017 83.9% of #ad posts were posted by women.

Here are three easy tips for how brands should employ the power of influencers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Be Authentic: Focus on Moms, Not a Product

Brands who advertise a barrage of products instead of using the opportunity to connect with the mom demographic on a more authentic level miss a massive opportunity to establish lasting positive sentiment with this audience. Influencers bridge the gap between traditional product promotion and a story-driven approach, allowing them to focus on the ladies that matter most while still honing in on brand messages. The genuine dialogue between moms successfully cuts through the noise of shiny jewelry, flower arrangements, and sales that comprise the Mother’s Day advertising blitz.

Tap Into the Impact of Video: Incorporate the Kids!

Adorably sincere messages from the little humans moms created strike at the heart of compelling personal content and are highly shareable! TheEWord reports that 71% of marketers say that video content outperforms all other content when looking at conversion rates. Influencers are teaming up with brands that naturally fit their lifestyles to feature their kids in organic videos that capture the relatable aspects of everyday life. Most recently, Carter’s did just this with their “With You From the Start” campaign, a perfect example of thoughtful messaging delivered in part by kids. Influencer moms shot the intimate videos at home with their little ones providing the tapestry for the long-form commercial. This approach reflected the brand’s appreciation of motherhood and positioned them as truly invested in the well-being of their children.

Hand Over the Reigns: Give Influencer Moms Creative Freedom.

This one is always a little tough, but stick with us here… Influencers drive the best engagement when they are able to let their creativity and personalities shine through in their content. Influencers foster online communities where their audiences gather to share the brands they love, discuss compelling topics, or just get tips and tricks on making life a little more enjoyable. Influencer moms in particular have attained levels of trust and loyalty unparalleled to similar efforts by advertisers. According to a recent study by Instagram, 56% of moms say Instagram is the place they learn about products, and 86 percent of women turn to social networks before making a purchase. When brand guidelines are firm but not restrictive, influencers are better able to maintain their realness to create content that hits home with their specific following.

Utilizing influencers to promote your efforts around this sentimental holiday should be less about the products you can offer and more about recognizing the greatness of motherhood.

As demographics and purchasing habits change, consumers are gravitating toward a more personalized take on advertising, and the digital marketing landscape is sure to see more brands tapping into the power of these content creators to celebrate all sorts of holidays – even their own!

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