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Put a Bow on 2017 With Influencer Marketing for the Holidays

Put a Bow on 2017 With Influencer Marketing for the Holidays

The coveted fourth quarter in business comes around each year with high expectations. It’s the push to make those projected goals happen, another chance to add an extra oomph to the year’s totals and start Q1 strong. Planning for an epic Q4 could be as easy as building in an authentic influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing can help cut through the noise of the holiday season and deliver your brand’s messaging in a relevant and engaging way to drive real results. Human connection is a cornerstone of the holidays. Influencers are the perfect vehicle to deliver that relatable touch because their followers trust them and rely on them for recommendations about products and brands they love.

We’ve got 5 good reasons your strategy for Q4 should always include influencer activations for the holidays:

  1. The conversation is already happening, whether you’re involved or not. Each year influencers gear up with month-long content calendars of holiday activations. They conquer DIY projects, curated gift guides, go on sponsored trips, and more, creating a host of opportunity points for your brand to be incorporated. Influencers are already actively engaging their fans and followers in holiday cheer, so give them something to talk about!

    Check out this tailored gift guide from Utterly Amazing! Influencer-curated gift guides like this deliver your products and services directly to your target demo!
  2. Get stunning content for half the cost! Influencers are consistently producing compelling content that is becoming increasingly more professional and effective in reaching their fellow consumers. Many studies of the influencer marketing space are reporting influencer-created content is performing better than branded posts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Utilize these beautiful images to showcase holiday products, services, or events. In comparison, influencer-created content can cost hundreds, even thousands, less than content sourced through in-house or agency production.

    Last year Kileen of Cute and Little joined the #BGoshbelieve campaign to showcase some of OshKosh B’Gosh’s coveted holiday styles. Kileen’s beautifully shot images garnered huge engagement rates.
  3. Don’t get lost in the noise. The holidays are infamous for a barrage of flashy sales, aggressive advertising, and spammy marketing emails. Companies are doing so much talking that few end up being heard or recognized when it’s all said and done. Influencer posts and activities stand out due to their ability to speak directly to an already invested fan base.
  4. Reinforce your core values with your target demographic. Influencer marketing helps brands reaffirm the human element and core values of their brand. The holiday season is all about celebration, family, quality, and trust – concepts you want consumers to associate with your brand. Tap into the nostalgia of the season with compelling storytelling and tailored online conversations that show your company is involved in more than just trying to push a product or service, it’s invested what the holidays mean.

    Sandy A La Mode
    Influencer Sandy a la Monde’s sponsored post captures the feel-good family messaging that the holidays are all about!
  5. Drive sales! Influencers can help create a groundswell of support for holiday promotions you already have running. Utilize the power of promotional influencers to drive traffic in-store and online with posts on their most popular social media platforms. With exclusive influencer coupon codes, contests, and enticing shots of your products, you’re sure to see sales climb!

As we close out the year, don’t miss key opportunities to move the needle on your year-end totals. You could be one campaign away from hitting that ambitious Q4 goal!

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