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The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

Rise of Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

There’s no doubting that Snapchat is the new darling of the social media world. With 150 million people using the app daily, the little ghost is here to stay. When Instagram and Twitter were in their early years, the common refrain was, “But how will they make money?” Snapchat, a baby at just four years old, built in the advertising model from the beginning. Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel showed up at Cannes Lion this year to woo all the top ad execs and let them in on the little secret of the launch of their new API. The API means more money for this wildly popular app since its ads will now be sold by third parties.

Now that advertisers can jump on board, the next obvious question becomes, “How does Snapchat figure into influencer marketing?” My answer? Simply, seamlessly and superbly.

I’ll accommodate any brands daring enough to integrate a Snapchat play into an influencer marketing campaign. Sure, measurement is a challenge, but influencers can report on number of views and screenshots.

I said it fits in “simply” because the easiest way to use Snapchat on a campaign is to simply encourage your influencer to use Snapchat to tell the brand story. The best influencer marketing campaigns (and the kinds we practice at Everywhere) are very organic and non-advertisey. Because we engage influencers to tell a story on behalf of our brands in intuitive ways, using Snapchat is a natural for that.

Marketing a new beverage? Give an influencer a can or bottle and have them weave it into a Snapchat story. Featuring a new product, say a power tool? I see a Snapchat story that features a day in the life of that power tool.

So let’s assume that asking your influencers to weave Snapchat into their social shares is pretty basic social media, like Social Media 101. If you want to move to graduate level social media, I’d engage an influencer to do a Snapchat Takeover. A takeover is when you hand over your Snapchat account to a mega influencer and let them tell a series of stories on your behalf. Sour Patch Kids did it with uber popular Vine star Logan Paul. He spent five days running around New York City sharing his prankster antics with two life-sized costumed Sour Patch characters. In one short week, Sour Patch kids scored 120,000 new Snapchat followers and nearly 7 million impressions.

Handing over the keys to your Snapchat channel to a complete stranger may sound terrifying, but the trick is to find the “right” influencer, someone whose very essence emulates that of your brand. Logan Paul worked for Sour Patch kids because he’s kind of wacky, and he appeals to teens, their target demographic.

At our agency, we can’t wait for brands to say, “Snapchat and influencers? Bring it on!” In the last year, we’ve seen more and more influencers in our network, Everywhere Society, grow their following and their storytelling ability. The story is still being written on the power of influencer marketing. Why not write it with Snapchat?

And, if you’re so inclined, follow Everywhere Agency on Snapchat using our Snapcode above or our username BeEverywhere.



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