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Small Business, Big Gratitude

Small Business, Big Gratitude

When someone mentions a small business, what comes to mind? Is it a cramped one-room operation with overworked employees and struggling profit margins? How about a multi-award winning female-owned and operated powerhouse?! Here at Everywhere, we’ve been fortunate enough to achieve great success over the years – leaving us a host of things to appreciate.

With Small Business Saturday on the horizon, we’re setting our Thanksgiving table and counting all the things we’re grateful for as a small but mighty Atlanta business. Along with the usual turkey and sweet potato pie, here are a few of our everyday blessings: 

  1. Everywhere Society: The cornerstone of any small business is having a solid foundation. Our curated network of 5,500+ influencers proves campaign after campaign that we can count on them to deliver the compelling stories of the beloved brands we work with. This means constantly discovering beautiful influencer profiles. I see everything from the cutest little babies to trendsetters who show me where to shop for the best pieces.

  2. Awesome clients: We love our amazing clients who keep coming back with open minds and healthy budgets ready to move the needle in new and impactful ways through influencer activations.

  3. Office pups: Slobbery and sweet, our extended fur families make the office a little sweeter! Moose loves going to work with me and has sent his work aunties tumbling to the floor too many times to count with his uncontrollable excitement.
Moose (my chocolate Lab puppy) and Marvin (Stephanie’s Chesapeake Bay Retriever/German Shepherd mix)
  1. Instascreener: We’re grateful for platforms that help maintain and defend the legitimacy of our industry. We’re champions of keeping things authentic, and Instascreener helps us cut through the fluff to the really good stuff. Crawling thousands of Instagram profiles with their patented algorithm, Instascreener lets marketers see influencers’ true value, including their number of fake followers, real engagement, impressions, and effective CPM.

  2. LaCroix: We love this beverage in all of its wispy, fruit-flavored glory and go through more cases a month than we care to admit.

  3. Asana: When you’re a small business like us, managing multiple influencer campaigns a month, you crave a project management tool that lives up to its hype. There’s a reason ASANA is named after a yoga pose because it’s a source of zen. It gives us the ability to build out projects, manage to-do lists, track deliverables, set deadlines, and collaborate internally all in one place! Did I mention some versions are FREE!?

  4. Growth: This year has been all about expansion! Our quickly evolving industry prevents common millennial hurdles like job fatigue and restlessness. We added team members, moved to a bigger space, gained new clients, and expanded our services.
Kelly, Trisha, and myself chillin’ in the Malala Lounge
  1. Professional industry organizations: From the Public Relations Society of America to the American Marketing Association and Atlanta Ad Club, we appreciate these organizations for providing valuable industry insights, networking opportunities, and awards that keep us competitive!

  2. The Atlanta BeltLine: Everywhere’s go-to oasis for a mid-day stroll or path to follow for lunch when Krog Street Market’s options just won’t cut it. It’s perfect for clearing your head while getting some exercise.

  3. Giving back: Most of all, we’re thankful that we have the opportunity to pay it forward! With so many chips falling in our favor this year, we’ve appreciated opportunities to give back. Supporting truly worthwhile organizations like the National Black Arts Festival, the Atlanta Women’s Foundation and Covenant House rewards us in ways the accolades couldn’t, and for that, we are very grateful!

With only 1/3 of small businesses surviving their first 10 years, we consider ourselves incredibly blessed and try not to take even the small things for granted. As we inch closer to Thanksgiving, what are you most grateful for?

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