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Society Spotlight: Claudia Krusch

Society Spotlight: Claudia Krusch

Claudia Krusch launched Trendy Latina in 2009 because she knew a blog could grow her business opportunities. Now eight years into her blogging and influencer journey, Trendy Latina covers everything from recipes, travel, and tech news to Latina motherhood, cars, and beauty. Through her  platform, Claudia uses her voice to help her audience find their true potential and ignite it with a spark. She is a native Brazilian, trained linguist, brand advocate, and content creator who aims to inspire her readers to live a more colorful, happy, healthier, and trendy life.


Claudia Krusch of Trendy Latina

Everywhere Society Spotlight Questionnaire

  1. What are you reading these days? “Steal the Show: From Speeches to Job Interviews to Deal-Closing Pitches, How to Guarantee a Standing Ovation for All the Performances in Your Life” by Michael Port
  2. Tell us about your most epic birthday party: My 40th birthday where I had the pleasure to have 70+ guests at my home celebrating it with me!
  3. Who’s your spirit animal? A cheetah
  4. If you had to describe your personality with a cocktail what would it be? A Bellini. Why? I actually love anything with champagne!
  5. The one product you absolutely cannot live without is: My new iPhone. I need new wireless headphones now 🙂
  6. Shout-out to your bloggy BFF! Elayna Fernandez of The Positive Mom
  7. First album you ever owned? Brazilian music
  8. Who’s your ultimate blogspiration? Strong women who speak the truth
  9. So, you’ve got writer’s block. Tried and true trick for getting over it? Listening to music and doing other things I like before resuming it.
  10. Top 3 pet peeves in life: lies, gossip, envy
  11. What’s your number one blogging/content creation tip? Think outside the topic or the product – and create your universe!
  12. Time to show off! Provide a link to your most popular blog or social post: My family’s cherished shrimp pie recipe has been shared and repined so many times! And the replies to this post made me cry all day.



  • I love this interview. It’s always nice to get to see a more personal side of bloggers who I follow and read. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Wonder interview. Great to find out unusual stuff we would never know about. Up front and personal and very informative.

  • I like the idea of thinking outside the product. I think a lot more bloggers could be a little more creative with their post, this will help capture new attention.

  • This is a great interview! I like how you are open and honest and I have answers. It helps people get to know you better and on a blog that’s very important.

  • The wireless headphones is the biggest reason why I don’t want to get the new one. I have a hard enough time charging my phone and I bet that I would lose my wireless ones or the battery would be dead.

  • I have seen Claudia around for quite some time ow as a seasoned blogger myself. Thanks for a bit of more insight about her person.

  • I’ve been reading The Trendy Latina for a while now. How cool to learn more about what Claudia is like behind the scenes.

  • I love to get to know my fellow Bloggers a little when I can. I think a cheetah is a fantastic spirit animal. Thanks for the great interview.

  • I enjoyed reading this and getting to know another blogger better. Shrimp pie recipe…yum! I can see how that was a popular post!

  • This is was fun read. A short interview that said so much about Claudia. Her pet peeves are somewhat similar with mine, except of course, I have to add – “waiting in line.” 🙂

  • As bloggers it is sometimes easy for people to forget there are people behind the screen. We have similar pet peeves!

  • I really like to discover new bloggers and get to know them better. I really like her tip for beating the writer’s block.

  • Awww amiga. Thank you for the shoutout. I love you and admire you so much! You are the embodiment of an empowered woman, because of your joy and accomplishments, and because of your consistent willingness to empower, support, and lift other women. xoxoxo


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