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Society Spotlight: Danielle Lucia Schaffer

Society Spotlight: Danielle Lucia Schaffer

With four children under the age of ten in tow, Danielle Lucia Schaffer is a boisterous, blonde, Italian ‘mombshell’ hailing from New York City who tells it like it is. Wife to San Diego’s first green dentist, this mom makes the juggle and struggle of mommyhood seem effortless. Her blog, City Girl Gone Mom, aims to entertain, educate, and inspire by sharing tips through her parenting wins – and occasional fails.

Taking her momager role quite seriously, Danielle guides her tribe through a healthy, active life, capturing some of their greatest moments on and off camera. Danielle is fun, fearless, and would stop at nothing to protect the Schaffer Six. No offense to her husband, but she rules her roost and has plenty of wisdom and wit to share with fellow superstar moms.  She also has a column on the TODAY Parenting team!

Danielle Schaffer City Girl Gone Mom


Society Spotlight Quiz

  1. What are you reading these days? “This Little Piggy Went To Prada” …I am four deep into kids and nursery rhymes with a twist is all I got!
  2. Tell us about your most epic childhood birthday party. When we all dressed up like Michael Jackson and tried to reenact “Thriller.” Got to love the 80’s. Such a great era to be a kid in! I still listen to the music!
  3. Who’s your spirit animal? Sienna Miller. I just love that chick’s style, but if I really had to pick an animal, it would be a horse – I am like a stallion kicking in its corral!
  4. Okay then, so who’s your doppelganger? Drea de Matteo and Carolyn Bessette
  5. If you were a cocktail, what would you be? A white wine spritzer… One of my favorite drinks – classy, cool and crisp!
  6. The one product you absolutely cannot live without is: Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm (a necessity)
  7. Shout-out to your bloggy BFF! I really like @Mommy.Diary. She’s a sweetie!
  8. Confession time: Who was your first celeb crush? Brad Pitt. I dreamt he married me. I still remember the dream. He was a keeper!
  9. What was your first concert? How was it? Apparently, my hippie mom took me to a Bob Segar Concert front row when I was 2, and he put me on stage with him! Where was the iPhone when we needed it?
  10. Who’s your ultimate blogspiration? Cupcakes and Cashmere. I simply adore her!
  11. So, you’ve got writer’s block. Tried and true trick for getting over it? Wine and reading something I haven’t read. For me… I love US Weekly! Celebrity lives inspire me. Hahah.
  12. Top 3 pet peeves in life: Being the last one up to lock down the house, being late or people being late, and people showing up exactly on time to work. Show up five minutes early! I am a tough one!
  13. What’s your number one blogging/content creation tip? Growing your tribe and getting out of the car this school year.
  14. We love working with you and hope you feel the same about us. What’s been your fave Everywhere campaign to be a part of? I really love this last one I did for you guys with OshKosh b’Gosh, Styling the kids for the holidays. It was a labor of love! It was so hard to get my boys to smile for me, but the images came out great!




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