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Society Spotlight: Emma Loggins

Society Spotlight: Emma Loggins

Emma Loggins is a self-professed “geek girl” who’s been taking the Internet by storm for 15 years, since her founding of Fanbolt – a blog and online community for television, film, and video game enthusiasts. As a result of its growth and success, she’s conducted over 1,000 celebrity interviews and served as a host and correspondent for tons of entertainment-related events. She’s even dabbled in sportscasting, recently reporting on behalf of Autotrader at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee.

But, Emma’s not all fun and games. She also founded Women’s Business Daily, a site targeted at millennial entrepreneurs “who are chasing their dream and making it happen,” as she puts it.

Emma Loggins

Everywhere Society Spotlight Questionnaire

  1. What are you reading these days? “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace
  2. Tell us about your most epic childhood birthday party. Probably my Sweet Sixteen. It was epic in the sense that you probably think… We played board games and chess – it was incredibly nerdy and absolutely perfect!
  3. Who’s your spirit animal? A great white shark
  4. Okay then, so who’s your doppelganger? I’m told all the time that I look like Emily VanCamp (also known as Agent 13 in Captain America).
  5. If you had to describe your personlity with a cocktail what would it be? Why? An Old Fashioned – strong but still sweet, and keeping it classy while still having a blast.
  6. The one product you absolutely cannot live without is: My planner. I still write everything down – appointments and to-do lists!
  7. Shout-out to your bloggy BFF! Matt Rodriguez at ShakeFire
  8. Confession time: Who was your first celeb crush? Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford.
  9. So, you’ve got writer’s block. Tried and true trick for getting over it? Step away for a little bit and re-energize yourself. Watch a movie, read a book, get lost in Pinterest. And then return to your original project with a set of fresh eyes.
  10. Top 3 pet peeves in life: People that don’t shut cabinet doors, put down the toilet seat, or leave crumbs on the table.
  11. What’s your number one blogging/content creation tip? Using a content calendar to plan out your content strategy. I use an editorial calendar plugin on WordPress that helps me see where I have holes, so I can be sure to fill in with content.
  12. We love working with you and hope you feel the same about us. What’s been your fave Everywhere campaign to be a part of? The Gilmore Girls live tweeting a campaign. I was such a huge fan of that series when I was younger – so being able to work with it in my adult years was amazing!

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