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The Garnish: April 2019

The Garnish: April 2019

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From Facebook records found on Amazon servers to Pinterest developing an e-commerce platform, we’re breaking down some of the biggest stories to hit our industry in recent weeks. Here’s our bite-size, skim-friendly POV on how these happenings are affecting influencer marketing and social media.

"Facebook did it again! By it, I mean took our data and threw it up in the cloud for everyone to see. I love me some Facebook, but geez louise, Zuck. Keep our data under wraps."

“It was only a matter of time before Instagram turned into an e-commerce platform and influencers became more powerful. Now it’s going to be almost impossible not to buy that pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing for months."

Holly Edwards, Brand Communications Manager

"I think it shows an increase in not only the popularity of influencer marketing, but also an increase in transparency within the industry. Overall, I think it's a good thing that we're seeing more #ad mentions."

Arianne Kaldewey, Account Manager Tweet

“We’re seeing Pinterest taking big and intentional steps to remain current and competitive with the other big social media players. Pinterest is already known for being a product research tool, so by incorporating e-commerce, they’re giving users the ability to research and purchase right in one place. We’re excited to see how they’re advertising capabilities improve over this next year!”

Natalie Sparkman, Digital Strategist

"I'm excited to see IGTV in the feed now. As video content becomes more important, it'll be interesting to see how brands and influencers leverage this tool — and the creative ways we'll get to partner with them in bringing it to life."

Sydney Clark, Account Coordinator

"Amazon might have the fashion but, ultimately, it’s seeing it on a real person in a real environment that sells it best. Forget Instagram? Good luck. The smart brand players will see this for the opportunity it is: powerful, cross-platform influencer marketing synergy."

Hannah Pearman, Content Strategist Tweet

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