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The Garnish: April 2020

The Garnish: April 2020

As an industry, we’ve faced the threat of a like-less world on Instagram, an ever-changing algorithm (thanks Zuckerberg!), and the rise and fall of social media platforms — but a global pandemic is one thing we haven’t seen.

Social media is the world’s focal point for connection right now. Here are our findings on the social goodness influencer marketing is bringing to the table during these strange and uncertain times.

“When a crisis hits, what matters most is not what you say, but what you do — especially as a brand. Even more so when you're a company that provides essential items like our client Georgia-Pacific. GP ramped up the production of toilet paper as soon as shortages were reported and wanted to emphasize to the public not to “panic-buy” or hoard products to help lessen the demand. GP leaned on influencers to help spread this message and their content even inspired a local news feature. This is a great example of how to utilize influencers, but more importantly, your brand advocates during a crisis.”

Sydney Clark, Account Manager

“While we are living in a very isolated time, the one place our society can connect is on social media. The measures that Instagram is taking to ensure friends & family stay bonded over simple joys are incredibly important for interaction and mental health. They are combining the efforts of combating misinformation about COVID-19 on their platform while encouraging users to 'Co-Watch'—a new feature that allows you to browse posts with your friends over in-app video chat. By including stickers like 'Stay Home' and downranking content that is misleading around the virus, these tactics are ensuring that our community is absorbing facts, so we continue using Instagram as a source of entertainment vs. developing a sense of distrust for it.”

Caty Leslie, Senior Account Manager

“As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses all over the world, many brands have been forced to incorporate social distancing into their marketing strategy to stay relevant. For an app that typically encourages its users to get out and explore, I applaud Zenly for shifting its focus in a creative way to promote health and safety. Over the last few weeks, I have seen various brands and influencers taking a similar route to encourage social distancing through live streams, interactive challenges, and online Q&A sessions. In a time of uncertainty, it's refreshing to see the industry come together in a nonconventional way to help flatten the curve.”

Leah Pierce, Account Coordinator

“Is influencer marketing insensitive during a pandemic? Well, it depends on how you go about it and what you are promoting. When done wisely and with an eye towards providing solutions consumers are facing, influencers can and should be a tool in your toolbox.”

Danica Kombol, CEO

“In the wake of a pandemic and questionable future for the economy, it’s refreshing to see big brands we rely on, like our client Autotrader, putting the safety of their consumers first. Autotrader created an online resource hub dedicated to helping consumers with automotive needs during this challenging time. From no-contact car purchasing to tips for at-home car maintenance, it’s clear consumer safety remains at the forefront of Autotrader’s initiatives and their quick reaction is a testament to the value of meeting crises head-on.”

Maya DeJoie, Account Manager

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