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The Garnish: June 2019

The Garnish: June 2019

Martini glass shifting back and forth

Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of #LoveIsLove. Here’s the Everywhere team’s take on some of this month’s colorful industry updates.

“I love that Ikea has begun transitioning their catalog to Pinterest. We've seen a lot of buzz lately around how Pinterest is on the rise in advertising – it's not a platform to ignore (but we've known for a while, of course). This just goes to show that increasingly personalized user experience is becoming more and more important in getting consumers to buy in a digital age.”

Sydney Clarke, Account Coordinator

“Instagram continues to release features that give users the opportunity to showcase their personality in creative ways. It's no wonder that over 500 million people watch stories every day — there's no end to how unique they can be. By applying lyrics and music to a static image, you're giving it life and setting the mood for your followers — another way to communicate who you are through a digital platform!”

Natalie Sparkman, Digital Strategist

“When it comes to Pride Month (or any timed social observance, really), announcements like this pack a real pang of tokenism. However, with the LGBTQIA+ community needing more allies, awareness, and support than ever before, I think there's value in celebrating these little wins. Big brands have the power to direct conversation and cultivate an online climate where every month is pride month — and we don't need rainbows to remind us of the challenges these folx face every single day.”

Hannah Pearman, Senior Creative Strategist

“Millennials have been the hot ticket item for marketers for quite some time now. So why aren't they seeing the ROI they projected? Millennials, while holding the major market share, are strapped for cash. Many millennials have major unavoidable expenses that drastically reduce their spending power - student debt and housing. Still it's no reason to be discouraged! While millennials may not be buying luxury items, they're still buying things they can afford like the next new gadget or trendy lip gloss!”

Lynzee Jablonka, Senior Account Manager

“Most shoppers carry their phone with them in store to actively compare prices and read reviews. It’s exciting to see retailers like Bloomingdale’s capitalizing on that mobile connectedness and creating Instagramable spaces at a key moment in time such as Pride. It's a great way to convert social traffic to foot traffic!”

Britton Edwards, Director of Client Relations Tweet

“This new feature is a game-changer for our industry with its capability to reach a larger audience beyond just the influencer or brand’s following through both organic and paid ads. Instagram is the most popular platform utilized by influencers and this will really help take brand exposure to the next level.”

Abby Daughtry, Account Coordinator Tweet

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