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The Garnish – May 2020

The Garnish – May 2020

Day 756 of quarantine…does anyone else feel like they’re stuck in Groundhog Day but without the hilarity of Bill Murray?

If the days are bound to repeat let’s at least throw some good news into the mix. From Instagram stickers to nonprofit virtual events —here’s our roundup of social goodness in social media this week.

“Here at Everywhere Agency, we believe gratitude can be a powerful force. During this time of uncertainty, society is in search of a silver lining, and showing support with a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Instagram’s new “Thank You Hour” stickers allow Instagram creators the chance to use their platform to inspire, educate, and encourage their followers to show appreciation and find joy in the little things. Now more than ever, folks are seeking authentic connections through support — and Instagram is helping make that possible.”

Leah Pierce, Account Coordinator

“Giving is an essential part of helping businesses through tough times. These new Instagram stickers allow small businesses to promote new services and create fundraisers easily. The Stories and stickers can also be shared by followers who want to support the businesses they love, creating an opportunity for these businesses to re-share content and identify natural brand advocates for future outreach. Brands need extra support from their communities during these challenging times and we love that Instagram is offering tools to small businesses that, up until now, were only available to large corporations with expansive budgets.”

Annabelle Shea, Content and Social Coordinator

“Pinterest is our secret weapon when it comes to driving traffic and improving SEO. As COVID-19 has shifted consumer habits, more people are looking for inspiration and want to make immediate purchases online. With this new tool, Pinterest is becoming more powerful in driving sales for brands. My advice? Pair this tactic with some gorgeous influencer content and you've got a match-pin made in heaven!”

Sydney Clark, Account Manager

“It's no surprise that consumers' habits are shifting amidst empty shelves, job loss, and social distancing. It is more important than ever for marketers to remain considerate and agile to the changing mindset of their customers. Brands now have a responsibility to inspire confidence and a hopeful future for consumers if they want to stand out in the market.”

Natalie Sparkman, Digital Strategist

“The YWCA of Greater Atlanta was given a choice with the rise of COVID-19, cancel their biggest fundraiser of the year or innovate. They opted for the latter with great success, being one of the first non-profits in the country to go virtual with their annual gala, Salute to Women of Achievement. Even though we are an influencer marketing agency, at the end of the day we are digital strategists, and when they asked us to help guide the way — we didn’t hesitate. It was an honor and an exciting challenge to navigate this new world of online events with this amazing organization, and we expect to see many organizations moving towards virtual events in the near future.”

Kelly Dye, Vice President

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