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The Garnish: September 2019

The Garnish: September 2019

martini glass with pumpkin garnish

Prep thy pumpkin spice and gather ‘round! In this (omg, it’s almost fall ya’ll) edition of The Garnish, an influencer takes ‘fall’ a little too seriously, Brita ruins #HotGirlSummer, and that phresh pair of Uggs is just one ‘shazam’ away, thanks to Amazon.

“It's time to let go of perfection! Brita's #NoFilterNoFuture campaign is a great example of breaking through the clutter when it comes to influencer marketing. Instagram is so heavily saturated with influencers that it's sometimes hard to find a new, creative approach to getting your content seen. Not only did Brita break through the clutter by making their images 'imperfect', they did so in a cause-driven and impactful way that directly correlated to their product offering – and resonated with a generation of consumers that place higher value on purpose-driven brands. What does this mean for our industry? If you're looking to resonate with this generation of buyers, ditch the perfection and come to the table with something raw, unfiltered, and purposeful.”

Sydney Clark, Account Coordinator

"There's a fine line behind "behind the scenes" and "bad judgement." This influencer thought perfectly staged photos of her lying on the ground after a motorcycle accident were good fodder for her feed. She may or may not have a head injury, but the lighting is perfect, her makeup glowing, her overalls delicately distressed, and there just so happens to be a carefully staged bottle of SmartWater dominating the scene... My mother used to say, "Some things are better off left unsaid." I say, "Many things are better off left unshared on Instagram.”

Danica Kombol, CEO

“The race for the social platform to rule them all is far from decided, but Instagram continues to prove the toughest competitor. By introducing AR features and filters for users, as well as giving developers the ability to share their self-made effects on the platform, the benefit is two-fold: more features for users and an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to get recognition. Step aside Snapchat, there's a new filter king in town!”

Natalie Sparkman, Digital Strategist

“We’ve all been there: you see someone with a cute outfit and wonder where it’s from. Soon enough, you won’t have to spend time and effort scouring the Internet trying to find the seller or similar items. Amazon has unveiled a new AI feature in its app that allows users to upload a photo of any piece of fashion, and it will find the closest match on its site. It will be interesting to see how other clothing brands are affected by this new feature that could potentially drive consumers to discover similar items at lower costs. This could also be a great opportunity for Amazon to utilize fashion influencers that have an audience with an appetite for this type of streamlined functionality. StyleSnap could be a progressive step for Amazon and its strong desire to break into the apparel space.”

Abby Daughtry, Account Coordinator

“If you're an auto related brand, you better speed on over to Pinterest because consumers are searching for their next car, cash in hand! A recent study found that Pinterest has emerged from the pack as a key resource for searching and becoming properly informed in the car buying process. Auto brands, like our clients Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, are in a prime position to feature their tools, articles, and resources for an already eager pool of consumers on a platform where content has an extensive shelf life. Influencers with true Pinterest prowess can curate auto content to provide the reviews, stats, and recommendations consumers are already readily searching for on this search engine-esque platform.”

Autumn Gilliam, Senior Account Manager

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