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Three Ways to Use Snapchat Influencers

Three Ways to Use Snapchat Influencers

While it’s true that Instagram stories have entered the scene and tried to steal the show, Snapchat’s place as the holy grail of visual storytelling still stands. The app and its sneaky little ghost are as popular as ever. What’s more, it’s a fabulous platform to pair with influencers, especially when you have a message that you want to share in a unique, if not quirky way. Here’s a round up of three ways to maximize the potential of this spirited platform with influencers:

  1. Snapchat Correspondent

Hosting a big event? Want coverage of a major announcement? Seek out a Snapchat influencer to live-snap the event for you. We recently worked with our client, Cox Communications, on their Smart Home activation in San Diego. The goal of the event was to showcase everything that the new superfast speeds of Cox’s Gigabit Internet product could do for your online experience at home – from gaming to live streaming. Cox invited local press to the event but also wanted to reach a younger, millennial audience.

Working collaboratively with Cox, we recruited pro-surfer and Snapchat superstar Danny Berk to attend and cover the event from his channel. Danny has an irreverent take on the world that highlights his fearless approach to catching mega-waves and surfing through life’s adventures. The resulting Snapchat coverage was just what the client needed to connect with younger customers. While Snapchat is famous for its disappearing act, we uploaded a copy of Danny’s adventures to YouTube so anyone can experience Cox’s new Smart Home with Gigabit speed.

  1. Snapchat Takeover

Don’t be spooked by spontaneity! Give the keys to your Snapchat channel to a trusted Snap-star. Crazy, right? Well, few traditional brands have the corporate wherewithal to creatively program a Snapchat channel, but there are Snapchat wizards out there who can stay on brand and tell a temporary story that creates a lasting impact.

Who’s done it well? Cinnabon too signed on with Danny Berk. Cinnabon was celebrating their 30th anniversary at a University of Washington (Go Huskies!) tailgating event. Great activation, but limited to Huskies fans. By using a Snapchat influencer, Cinnabon was able to broadcast the event to a new audience in a format they already love. While cinnamon rolls and beer does not sound like an appetizing combo to me, it evidently was for Cinnabon and the U Dub audience. They gained a whopping 2,000 followers on their Snapchat channel. Even better – lots of Snapchat love with frosting on top from a college tailgating audience.

  1. Snapchat Tutorials

When it comes to the tutorial and how-to landscape, one platform has clearly reigned supreme, but I say, “Move over, YouTube! There’s a friendly ghost in town.” Snapchat can provide tutorials in 10-second segments, allowing for an easy edit of all those boring transitions. String together these segments and – voila! – you have a short, clever tutorial.

Are you a brand that constantly has to explain how your product works? Is your customer service line swarmed with calls asking for basic directions? Using Snapchat to convey information in a personal but effective manner is scary simple.

For example, Kylie Jenner used Snapchat to show how she creates cat eyes with her own KYshadow from the Kylie Cosmetics line. The Snapchat story is a step-by-step breakdown of which color shadow and which bush she uses on which part of her eyelid.

While Kylie is an A-list celebrity, I anticipate everyday brands deploying micro-influencers to share how-to’s and tutorials. There’s huge potential for these outside of the makeup realm! For instance, food brands should use influencers on the platform to guide their followers through certain recipes using their ingredients or cookware.

I’m a prize-winning pie baker (#humblebrag), and everyone always asks how I make my crusts. I used Snapchat to provide a step-by-step of how I get my super flaky crusts. You can watch it here. A brand like Crisco would be wise to pair with influential pie-bakers like myself to showcase their product. (Confession: This was NOT a play to get Crisco to sponsor me. In truth, I use lard over the canned stuff!)

So there you have it – three clever ways to deploy Snapchat influencers for your next campaign! We know that you ain’t afraid of no ghost, but if you don’t know how to use the app, check out Everywhere Agency’s own influencer, Lina Skandalakis who has an excellent Snapchat how-to of her own!


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