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Georgia Pacific – Good Friends, Good Neighbors


Campaign Goal

Hyper-local Influencers
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In today’s media landscape, large corporations rarely score a media hit — unless something has gone wrong. Georgia-Pacific is a known presence in communities across the nation, however their true contributions to local sustainability often fly under the radar. Everywhere Agency joined forces with Georgia-Pacific to help them establish more positive sentiment in Northern Florida, and to shine much-needed light on both the breadth of their role in providing beloved household items and their innovative environmental initiatives. 


Education is the pathway to compassion. This insight, combined with the fact that people love to know how everyday things make it to store shelves, formed the basis of a blogger campaign strategy that centered on exclusive access to Georgia-Pacific mills and plants where toilet paper and other paper products are made.

Everywhere Agency hand-selected nine of North Florida’s leading bloggers and gave them the unique opportunity of a behind-the-scenes visit to their local mill. Careful selection of bloggers was critical for this campaign — they had to be hyper-local, focused on community, and interested in the role of a big corporation in their backyard. Guided by an in-depth creative brief centered around the theme “Good Neighbors, Good Business,” the bloggers were empowered to share their first-hand account of their mill visits and to highlight Georgia-Pacific’s community involvement. The Palatka Mill visitors were taken to visit the St. Johns River Center, while the Perry-Foley Mills group got to experience the wonderful Fenholloway River in Perry by waterway tour, both of which are river and wetlands restoration projects funded and supported by Georgia-Pacific.


This unique and heartwarming campaign was a huge success, yielding a total of 9 blog posts and 51 accompanying social shares which collectively generated 1.4M+ impressions

Our sentiment research showed a positive improvement overall in reference to Georgia-Pacific’s community efforts and presence, and a noticeable increase in awareness of the Georgia-Pacific brand in the North Florida region. Additionally, the client sees huge opportunity in engaging bloggers as regional ambassadors and are considering rolling the program out to more mills and plants nationwide.

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