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High Museum of Art


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Sneaker culture, born underground and only recently finding its way into the mainstream conversation, is home to a niche community of highly influential and intricately connected individuals. In preparation for the launch party of The High Museum of Art exhibit The Rise of Sneaker Culture, and to drive ongoing exhibit attendance, Everywhere Agency developed a targeted influencer campaign to reach Atlanta sneaker enthusiasts who might not ordinarily visit the High Museum. The primary goals of the campaign were to build awareness of the launch event and drive exhibit attendance, while endearing The High Museum of Art to a whole new community of local cultralists.


In order to develop a thoughtful and intentional influencer campaign, Everywhere Agency began by hosting focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of sneaker culture itself, and what resonates with its supporters. Armed with these powerful insights, Everywhere Agency then activated 11 top-tier Atlanta bloggers with significant local readerships and a focus on Atlanta events, culture, and fashion. They shared their exhibit experience through vibrant, relatable long form content and social shares, alongside the short form content of 1 social-only influencer with a larger following. 


Thanks, in part, to the focus group-fueled research, this campaign resulted in an impressive 12M+ impressions among the niche target audience. The 11 influencers collectively created 17 blog posts featuring vibrant, inspiring content that spoke directly to the target demographic. The longevity of the long form content was also ensured by embedding each post with critical SEO terms for both the High Museum of Atlanta and The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition. 240+ social shares across multiple platforms accompanied the posts, with one influencer’s Snapchat content generating over 16,000 views.

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