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Novelis Global Rolling Out Compelling Content


Novelis Global

Campaign Goal

Social Media Content Strategy

Follower Increase on Facebook
Follower Increase on Twitter
Follower Increase on YouTube
Follower Increase on LinkedIn


Novelis is the largest producer of rolled aluminum in the world and needed to find a way to connect with consumers and potential employees through social media to establish themselves as an eco-friendly, innovative, and global industry leader.


We built a global social media content strategy with content verticals that supported all of Novelis’ business goals of awareness, unifying its voice, employee recognition, and humanizing the brand. We recommended and implemented a daily posting frequency and crafted pieces of content that did not focus purely on promotion, but on driving conversation.


The social media channels acted as a campfire for employees to learn about worldwide initiatives, while also educating consumers on Novelis’ commitment to creating eco-friendly products that reduce their carbon footprint, and frankly, making content about aluminum interesting and newsworthy. Our strategy was a quantifiable success! The Novelis’ social channels saw a tremendous growth in followers: 665 percent on Facebook, 135 percent on Twitter, a 180 percent increase on YouTube, and a 70 percent increase on LinkedIn.

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