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Orkin #StartWithScience



Campaign Goal

Creating a Digital Discussion

*Metrics represent secondary results of influencer content brought on by additional likes, shares, and comments from followers.
Engagement Rate


Orkin wanted to raise awareness and garner more funding for Start with Science, their initiative that promotes STEM-learning experiences in public and charter schools nationwide through a partnership with


Everywhere wanted to build engagement around STEM-oriented learning experiences by hosting a Twitter chat to amplify the reach and conversation about Orkin’s Start with Science campaign. We sourced influencers who had a background in education to act as panelists and asked them to promote the discussion among their digital communities. The conversation focused on simple tactics to promote STEM projects at home and why these subjects are so important. Everywhere used paid promotion through social ads, influencer support, and the incentive of prizes for participation to boost attendance and activity.


We had an engagement rate of 83 percent and created over 16 million impressions. Sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, and participants expressed appreciation for Orkin’s dedication to enhancing students’ ability to learn these critical skills. The inclusion of a “prize that gives back” was a great incentive for the audience and great for brand affinity. The Twitter chat ultimately showcased Orkin as an advocate of STEM education for our youth.

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