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Quality Rated – Social Strategy


Campaign Goal

Twitter Following Growth
Instagram Following Growth
Pieces of Influencer Content


It’s no secret that quality early childhood education has a direct correlation with success later in life. And it’s also no secret that parenting is a near constant stream of decision-making. Access to local resources and the guidance of other parents are integral in a parent’s ability to confidently move forward in making choices for their child’s future. 

Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (GEEARS) reached out to Everywhere Agency for help building a campaign to inform parents about Quality Rated: an online search tool that takes the mystery out of finding quality child care in Georgia. The core goal was to showcase the Quality Rated tool among a targeted online audience of Georgia preschooler parents, while building lasting, community-wide awareness.

We knew the best way to reach parents — specifically moms — was to provide content where they spend their time: online. Our research showed that new moms spend over eight hours online browsing for parenting advice, and that roughly one in four Gen Z moms rely on social media to research products and services. Less than one third look for this advice from parenting or baby apps; instead they turn to social media, namely recommendations from other moms. Young moms believe it is their role to provide opinions and consider themselves key advisors among their circle of friends.


A cross-functional media strategy that focused on both social media and mom blogs quickly emerged as the best route to the goal. Everywhere Agency laid the groundwork for building awareness first, establishing an actionable social strategy through stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and an audit of both Quality Rated’s existing social platforms and those of similar organizations. 

These learnings were essential in the creation of a social content strategy that prized meaningful storytelling and that vital “mom” connection — and ultimately empowered Quality Rated to grow and maintain an online presence that truly informed and supported their target audience.

Everywhere positioned the strategy towards the goal of increasing engagement and boosting Quality Rated’s reach by:

  • Shifting the existing Quality Rated messaging to be more tailored to parents instead of providers
  • Creating a regular cadence of content for the brand’s social media channels
  • Leveraging more visually compelling assets that drive home the value of the program
  • Using a monthly budget for boosting posts and creating social ads 

A subsequent goal of the strategy was to increase engagement and reach through real storytelling by moms and for moms. Everywhere built a robust influencer activation that leveraged locally-trusted parenting influencers to share their experience with, and appreciation for, the Quality Rated tool.


The social media strategy combined with the influencer activations resulted in impressive growth for Quality Rated’s social channels, and a noticeable shift in conversation and sentiment: 

  • Twitter saw a 73% increase in followers
  • Facebook following grew by 26%
  • Instagram account following grew by a significant 198% 

Twitter activity also generated over 85K impressions and 1,316 engagements — an 11,000% increase from the previous year!

The influencer campaigns culminated in more than 100 repurposable pieces of influencer content for the Quality Rated social channels, and drove:

  • over 2.6M impressions 
  • 26,059 engagements 
  • over 7,500 blog reads

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