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Everywhere B2B Social Wisdom – November 2012


The Everywhere team works with a variety of clients. We like to keep up to date on all things social and one of those areas that is less talked about is the B2B space. This week Everywhere takes a look at articles on B2B & social, Publications & social, or Platform related changes. This week we are taking a look at the B2B Social Media space and how companies are currently using social to boost relevance, measure conversation, and integrate social into their overall marketing plan.




Social Media B2B: 10 Reasons Why B2B Companies Are Failing With Social Media

“Too many B2B companies are flat out failing at social media marketing. It isn’t their fault. Don’t fall victim to these mistakes and situations. Instead learn from them and crush your competition.”


Scaling Social: The Future of B2B Social Marketing

“We can no longer be happy simply responding to brand mentions and boasting about our likes, retweets and followers.”

International Business Times: Trade Magazines Struggle To Stay Relevant: Why Digital May Not Be The Only Answer

“If all this points to a world where blogs replace trade magazines completely, some trade publishers contend that having a print product still matters. John Amato, chairman and CEO of the actors’ trade magazine Backstage, said his print publication is more than just a means to share information. It’s a promotional commodity that can’t be replicated with a website or blog. “

Net Magazine
: Social Media for B2B

“Where the confusion sometimes arises is we are all simultaneously more than one audience. We are often both a consumer and someone who works for, or owns, a business. Even in a B2B world, we’re all still human beings and as such, bland corporate messages won’t connect with anyone.”


Economist Group: New study on millenials’ social media habits shows content isn’t always king

“While most magazines have realized the importance of having a presence on social media, many are still uncertain about how to convert online followers into avid readers and more importantly paid subscribers. Likes and retweets alone will not replace revenue from declining readership. So how important is social media for magazine publishers and how can it help increase revenue?”

Business Insider: Facebook: Yes, We Changed Your News Feed

“Facebook said it’s been changing its News Feed. It’s been under fire from marketers who say they’ve seen a drop in the number of times their posts get seen by fans on the social network.”


Inc.: 5 Ways to Use Social Media At Conferences (Advice for attendees)

“Social media tools empower me to accelerate networking, make higher-quality connections, and feel less awkward in the process. Not bad for an introvert! Here are five tips to get the most from your conference time and dollars” 


Marketing Nutz: How to Integrate Social Media into Conferences and Events: 24 Tips to Increase ROI (Advice for hosts)

“Events are the perfect medium to fully embrace the power of social media. Social media is really one big conversation. Social networks simply serve as a platform for communication to help you build community, generate brand awareness, increase customer intimacy and loyalty, and the list goes on.”

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