Accolades and Mentions

Accolades and Mentions


We love the work we do! It turns out we’re not alone. Here are some of the latest awards and recognition we’ve received.

Inc. magazine - The Best Places to Work - 5/28/2019

Everywhere is named among the 346 Best Places to Work in 2019. We're more than humbled by this prestigious accolade!

AMA Atlanta Marketer of the Year - 2019

Honored as Marketer of the Year at the 2019 Atlanta AMYs, Danica is interviewed, among other award recipients, about "Lessons Learned from Women at the Top."

AMY Awards - 03/08/18

Everywhere Agency wins three American Marketing Association AMY awards. Winning in the categories for best multicultural advertising, best entertainment marketing, and best entertainment marketing for a TV series. Gaining recognition for client campaigns with UP TV, Kelley Blue Book, and Macy's.


We’re making headlines! Get a closer look at Everywhere Agency through the interviews we’ve given and the write-ups that include our perspectives.

PRNEWS - 9/24/2020

What Can Having a Mentor Do for You?

PRNEWS - 4/8/2020

Working in quarantine poses unique challenges for communicators. PRNEWS scoured the web and polled the PRNEWS community for favorite internal and external digital communications tools amid the crisis. - 4/1/2020

Danica featured among 15 contributors to Forbes Agency Council explain how to craft social media posts that engage followers and, as a result, remain at the top of their feeds for a longer time.

Social Shake-up - 3/19/2020

Danica weighs in on 8 Ways to Get Smart About Live Video During the COVID-19 Crisis.

PR News - 2/14/2020

Social Shake-Up senior content leader Sophie Maerowitz asked Kombol about measuring influencer effectiveness and the future of influencer marketing, among other topics. Kombol believes measurement will grow in importance as brands seek to prove the effectiveness of influencers. Kombol's edited responses are below. - 1/28/2020

There's no question that content marketing is among the most viable methods for businesses to plan and execute their marketing strategies. Here are a few trends experts believe are just around the corner. - 1/24/2020

Some agencies develop a creative process that inadvertently leads to a sub-par final product. Here are some common mistakes agencies make with their creative process, and how they can seek to fix those problems. Danica featured in "15 Mistakes Agencies Make In Their Creative Content Process (And How To Fix Them)" - 1/23/2020

With so many marketing channels available, it’s essential that organizations only invest in channels that actually prove their worth. Here's where to put your advertising money this year for optimal results. Danica featured in "Making The Most Of This Year's Advertising Budgets: 15 Expert Tips"

Social Shake-up - 1/9/2020

Danica shares her thoughts on Twitter's recent test that will allow users to determine who can reply to their tweets. - 12/27/2019

Danica featured with Forbes Agency Council on "Valuable LinkedIn Strategies Many Businesses Overlook" - 10/28/2019

Danica on "Underutilized Social Media Strategies Your Organization Should Consider"

Social Shake-up - 10/24/2019

A recent Wall Street Journal article, citing reduced engagement and featuring several brand marketers who are disappointed with their return on influencer investment, has us asking: Has the influencer marketing bubble burst? Danica gives her insights here.

PRSA’s Counselors Academy - 10/11/2019

Launch of the Influencer Marketing Association - 10/9/2019

Danica featured in 13 Reasons Why Consumers May Hate Your Brand's Advertising (And How To Fix It) - 10/8/2019

Danica contributes to Forbes Agency Council, on how to use influencers to promote CSR initiatives. - 10/2/2019

Danica, among other Forbes Agency Council members, give advice on how to increase engagement on social media channels.

Little Pink Book - 10/2/2019

CEO Danica Kombol offers ideas on branding yourself which is a must in today’s business climate. - 10/2/2019

15 members of Forbes Agency Council, including Danica, share some of the key items brands should check off when revamping their sales funnel to carry out the process successfully. - 9/30/2019

For companies looking at video marketing to aid their campaigns, Danica and 12 experts from Forbes Agency Council offer insight into what strategies work best to ensure success.

Social Shake-up - 9/26/2019

The Social Shake-Up interviewed Danica Kombol, CEO of Everywhere Agency and founding board member of the IMA, to learn more about how the organization intends to “help establish parameters and guardrails for this growing and changing industry,” per the official release. - 9/13/2019

Danica, among others Forbes Agency Council members look at several methods for combining SEO with social media to produce a seamless marketing campaign that leverages the benefits of both systems. - 8/28/2019

Danica among other Forbes Agency Council members contribute strategies for encouraging diversity in the workplace.

CNN Travel - 8/22/2019

"A common phrase I hear: 'You really are EVERYWHERE!' Indeed I travel, lots, and I actually love it. However truth? I didn't always "love" extreme business travel so I adopted a few survival tactics. Here I am on CNN sharing my road warrior tips!" - 8/12/2019

Danica along with 10 other Forbes Agency Council experts share their thoughts on how to earn reviews and recommendations. - 8/9/2019

Danica weighs in on 15 underappreciated traits and skills needed in salespeople. - 7/31/2019

In the age of social media, a PR crisis can easily get out of hand – fast. Danica and her fellow Forbes Agency Council members offer advice to calm the storm. - 7/31/2019

Danica contributes to 12 steps for building a media list. - 7/19/2019

Danica weighs in on choosing the right podcast and ad format for your target audience. - 7/11/2019

If you are too short-staffed during the summer months, work can start to pile up. Danica gives her advice with other Forbes Agency Council members on managing employees' work when they’re gone. - 6/20/2019

Danica contributes 5 tips for using influencer marketing to reach Gen Z. - 5/22/2019

Danica weighs in on how to walk the line when giving a client honest feedback. - 5/13/2019

Danica joins other Forbes Agency Council members in offering potential problems to watch out for when figuring out how best to market your product or service.

CEO Blog Nation - 5/3/2019

Danica and other entrepreneurs explain how they grow their businesses.

CEO Blog Nation - 4/29/2019

Danica on her favorite book on disruption for 2019, “The Millennial Whisperer.”

The Sisters' Hood - 4/2/2019

Check out this Q&A spotlighting Danica, who discusses her journey as an entrepreneur, a working mother, and a pie baking extraordinare.

Referral Rock - 3/14/2019

Danica shares insights on how to be more successful at influencer marketing.

PR News Online - 3/5/2019

Definitions aside, there’s little doubt about the importance of influencers. A new survey from PR News and Meltwater, a media intelligence company, found overwhelming support for the use of influencers. Danica weighs in on the results.

PR News - The Social Shakeup - 3/1/2019

With all of the buzz around influencer marketing, it’s easy to forget that sometimes your most influential partners are right in your own back yard. Check out Danica's featured post asking, "Why Aren’t You Leveraging Internal Brand Ambassadors in Your Marketing?"

MyCorporation - 2/26/19

Danica joins 17 small business experts explaining which business book changed their lives.

PRecise Communications - 1/30/19

Danica joins five other industry leaders in sharing why diversity matters to them and their work.

Referral Rock - 2/6/19

Danica weighs in on the foundations of building a community for your brand via social media, explaining that, “Communities come together around a need, a cause or interest... Self-serving communities never work”. Read more!

PR News - The Social Shakeup - 2/4/19

Recent attention around nano-influencers has marketers acting like it's the newest thing since sliced bread. Check out Danica's featured post on "Why You Need Nano-Influencers Now."

Atlanta Business Chronicle - 1/31/19

CEO, Danica Kombol, featured “behind the scenes” with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom at an event honoring the Super Bowl.

11Alive Atlanta - 1/30/19

Everywhere Agency is featured as one of the Georgia based companies who are committed to giving back to their communities and to "go beyond profit" in their efforts. - 1/22/19

Danica contributed as a guest blogger to give her thoughts on why influencer marketing is not only perfect for consumer brands who are selling products, but "it’s also equally powerful for health and community organizations who are trying to influence opinion or educate consumers."

PR News Online - 1/17/19

Danica Kombol gives insight into how Everywhere Agency vets and measures fraudulent influencer activity.

CEO Blog Nation - 1/16/19

Danica, along with 17 other entrepreneurs, discuss their favorite inspirational books.

CEO Blog Nation - 1/2/19

Danica Kombol weighs in on what being a CEO means to her.

goBEYONDPROFIT - 12/18/18

Everywhere Agency is featured as a Georgia business helping to make giving back the norm.

Atlanta Business Chronicle - 12/14/18

Danica speaks to the benefits of allowing fur friends at the office. Read the article to see why supporting canine camaraderie goes far beyond their cuteness and stress-relieving tendencies.

PR News - The Social Shakeup - 12/3/18

Everywhere's own Stephanie Proft gives a few key questions to consider as you outline what constitutes an influencer as a match made in heaven for your brand.

PR News - The Social Shakeup - 10/19/18

Danica's featured guest blog on "How to Launch A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign"

Atlanta Business Chronicle - 10/15/18

Q&A with Danica Kombol, 2018 Women Who Mean Business honoree

Improvado - 09/24/18

Everywhere named "One of the Top Marketing Agencies in Atlanta"

Forbes - 04/26/18

Danica is quoted discussing the fallout from Facebook closing their API, and how it is affecting the influencer marketing industry as a whole.

Thought Leadership

When it comes to influencer and social media marketing, we know a thing or two and are always eager to share the insights we’ve gained through evolving with the industry since 2009.

PR News - 04/12/18

The Everywhere Agency white paper is a featured source in a PR News article.

PR News - 01/02/18

Danica Kombol weighs in on whether brands should get snarky with their competitors online.

11 Alive - 12/02/17

Danica Kombol weighs in on the 2017 mayoral race as it plays out on social media.

PR News - 10/20/17

Kelly Dye gives six tips for getting your company through a social media nightmare after a reputational blunder.

PR News - 09/07/17

To tweet or not to tweet? Danica Kombol offers four key factors that PR folks should consider before encouraging their CEO to get on Twitter.

The Atlanta 100 – 8/21/17

Social media is one of the primary ways you communicate with your customers, and Danica Kombol explains why it's essential to hire the right person to manage your content.