Wednesday Social Wisdom from Everywhere – December 7, 2011

Here’s another quick round up of social advice for B2B marketers. One thing that we continue to stress at Everywhere, is that social doesn’t just live online. You’ll see the Social Media Examiner article this week focuses on how to socialize an event. This is key to the success of any conference or webinar. The other topic we are focusing on this week is setting goals in social and how to measure success.

B2B Voices: B2B Creativity is Not an Oxymoron – “One of the myths around B2B communications is that the industry lacks creativity – or the drive to be creative. I can’t think of anything that’s farther from the truth. And while it’s true that B2B companies don’t buy the flashy Super Bowl ads or use various mascots to win over customers, we are challenged day in and day out to think differently.”

Social Media Examiner: 15 Ways to Bring Social Media to Events – “Do you host events or informal gatherings? Social media enables event attendees to connect in powerful ways. Social media can help promote events and empower attendees to share. This article will reveal 15 ways you can infuse social media into your events.”

Chris Brogan: Why Measuring Success Using Social Media Tools isn’t Always Cut and Dried – “What’s Twitter going to do to impact sales?” You might hear this when working with clients. At that point, it means you might not have cast the tool (and any of the social networks) in the best contexts. The human digital channel (the “people” part of the online world versus the “website” part) can most definitely be measured for sales activity, but if you’re looking at it as strictly a transaction tool and not a relationship-based selling component, that’s the problem.”

Search Engine Land: 4 Recommendations for Benchmarking B2B Social Media Performance this Year – “Tis the season…to wrap up budgeting and forecasting for 2012. As the year begins to draw towards a close, the hope is that your search engine marketing initiatives have an upward trend attached to them. According to MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook, SEO ranked as the fourth most effective B2B marketing tactic.”

DreamGrow: B2B Marketers: 10 Ways to Juice Your Facebook Fan Page [CASE STUDY & SLIDES] – “The case study gives you the techniques that Facebook marketing firm BrandGlue employed to grow Eloqua’s Facebook community by 2,500%, Facebook-referred traffic by 150% and Fan engagement to 3 times industry norms.”

As always, if you have any topic you are curious about please let us know and we will be happy to cover it here on our blog.

Thanks Liz for finding these great articles!

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